31 May 2022

5 Tips For Remembering Credit Card Due Dates

Your credit card has a due date on which it needs to be paid off each month. If you miss this due date, it can have some severe negative consequences on your credit report.

Not only will the credit card company probably charge you a late fee, but you will also likely see an increase in your interest rate.

A late payment can go on your credit report after 30 days. Because your payment history makes up a whopping 35% of your overall credit score, missing even one payment can do some serious damage. This is especially true if you have a payment that is more than 30 days late.

Let’s look at a few ways to remember your credit card due dates so you can stick to making on-time payments.

Change Your Due Date

Every month, your credit card payment will be due on the same date. However, you can change that date with your credit card issuer if it’s not convenient for you.

If you get paid each month on the 15th, for example, you can change your due date to the 15th instead of the 1st. This can be helpful if you have too many payments to deal with on a specific date.

Have a Calendar With Due Dates

Have a calendar to remind you when your due dates are. You can also set reminders on your phone to let you know that your due date is coming up so you never miss it.

5 Tips For Remembering Credit Card Due Dates
5 Tips For Remembering Credit Card Due Dates

Send Yourself An Email Prior To The Due Date

You can use sites like FollowUpThen or MemoTo Me to get reminders about your credit card due date each month. We urge you to be cautious when using services like this, however, as these companies could go out of business, leaving you with a late payment if you don’t get the reminder.

Set Up Automatic Payments

Your bank might give you the option to pay your bill online. We highly recommend taking advantage of this service if so. Set your payment date so that the credit card issuer receives your payment at least a day before your actual due date.

Doing so can be helpful in the case that your due date falls on a weekend or a holiday.

Pay Bills When You Get Paid

If you can mentally attach paying your bills with the moment you receive your paycheck, it can make doing so easier to remember.

Final Thoughts – Paying Your Credit Card Bills On Time

If your goal is to boost your credit, then paying off your credit card bills on time is crucial. However, there are many other ways to boost your credit beyond traditional cards. Such is the case with authorized user tradelines.

Our goal here at Boost Credit 101 is to provide our customers and clients with the necessary knowledge and information so that they can make the most out of their tradeline purchases. If you are ready to begin your journey to great credit, we can help.

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