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I couldn’t get a credit card not even with the department store. I submitted multiple applications with Macy’s, Kohl’s, Express and they all came in declined for lack of credit history. All I wanted is a small credit limit so I can establish my credit but no one would approve me for one.

I found this website and used their services. Two months later I got my own credit card with a $2000 limit. It was well worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela K. – Seattle, WA

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that purchasing the line of credit through your company was the best financial investment I have ever made in my life! While I was waiting for the line of credit to appear on my reports, I took the time to pay my current lines down and I did some research on the credit that I wanted to acquire. I was able to obtain credit increases on three of my existing accounts and I acquired almost $150k in new lines of credit as well!

Again, I am very pleased with the results and will definitely refer others to your program.

Thanks again for such an awesome program! I am on the way to building a much stronger credit profile for myself and I am so excited!

Yolanda H. - Smyrna, GA

I worked in the banking industry for over five years and I never realized that you can change your score in such a short time frame. This credit booster is unbelievable! Thank you.

Andrew W. – San Antonio, TX

Divorce is a nasty experience not only emotionally but also financially. My score dropped from 730 to low 600. I couldn’t refinance my house. I contacted Boost Credit 101 and they were able to get me on track in less than two months. Thank you. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends and family. What you do is amazing!

Rick H. – Los Angeles, CA

Increase my score to 710. Got a low interest rate on my car loan. Saved over $4000 in finance charges. What else can I say? You ROCK!

Jim L. – Philadelphia, PA

My credit cards slashed my credit limits in half. I never missed a payment. I couldn’t figure out why. My credit score dropped over 80 points. A friend recommended your services and I couldn’t ask for more help. This is the best investment I’ve made with my credit. Not only were you knowledgable about how credit works but you also helped me to get my credit score back up.

Best regards,

Stacy A. – San Diego, CA

I was buying a washer and a dryer at Sears. The promo was 0% for 24 month. I was declined for their financing because of high balances on my credit cards. I only have one other card that I use every month and pay it off. Apparently I am only supposed to use 30% of my available credit to keep my score. How would I know that? I got two small tradelines with Boost Credit 101 to increase my score. Guess what? Today I bought my appliances 0% for 36 months! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!

Jessy R. – Aurora, CO

Graduated college this year and got a good job. Tried to get a car loan. No credit =no financing! Parents wouldn’t cosign. I contacted your company and you educated me on how it works. I was very impressed and purchased 3 tradelines. Now my score is higher than my dad’s. Oh yeah and I got the Subaru WRX…

Matt S. – Orlando, FL

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