14 Oct 2019

Authorized User – Does It Help to Be One?


Authorized User…does it help to be one? 


What are the steps to know when buying? 


Recently we’ve had some clients come to us and get very good results with their credit scores, we’re talking low 500’s to mid 700’s. These aren’t rare happenings. 


So does that mean if you buy authorized user accounts you’ll get that mortgage, that car, the big credit cards, the business loans you’re after?

It’s a distinct possibility. We spoke to one woman today who said she had two friends use our services and they both got houses out of it. There’s no doubt au credit lines work, but will they work for you?

It all depends on how you use them. And it is very important to know exactly what you are paying for when you do look into authorized user accounts for sale. If you haven’t looked at your report in years, and you think, craaaaaaap…I’m 37 and I need to buy a house since that’s one of the things you’re supposed to do as an adult (if it’s right for you, go for it!), and you believe you can buy authorized user tradelines that will act as a sort of wand, magically making your credit better…we have some news.

They won’t.

But of course there are exceptions…if your reports are blank for example. But what do you need to do first?


Before You Purchase a Boost Credit Rocket Booster (Tradelines): You Must Check Your Reports


What’s the first thing that a doctor does with you? Asks you where it hurts, right? Well if you just stare at the doctor and don’t say anything, then the doc isn’t exactly able to help, now is she? 

Before you get au trade lines, you need to know what’s on your credit, that way you know if tradelines will even be a help to you, because there may be actions you need to take before you put them on…[cough] remove the negative items. 

The site that we love to check reports is CreditKarma.com


Because it’s free, the data is accurate, and it updates every 7 days. 

We are not affiliated with them in any way, but because of these reasons, we recommend starting there. Other sites cost money, or update only once a month, or are just plain bad. Before looking into authorized users for sale, this should be your number one action.

Now what? You’re dying to ask the question, we know…


What Do I Do After I Buy Authorized User lines?


That depends. What is it for? And the first question you should always ask yourself: if the tradelines drop off, will my credit be right back to where I started?

If that is the case, then you need to get approved for your own credit cards, at least two, and one at an absolute minimum. 

This is how you set yourself for long term success.


You use those cards, and you pay off the balance monthly. Time to develop some self control. 

Is your goal a mortgage? Start talking to a lending officer. A car? Go to a dealership you like. A business loan? Talk to a business banker. The point is this, once the au trade lines post, that is what you pay us for. We cannot get you the mortgage, the car, the funding, because those are different companies, different parts of the country, and we don’t know your finances. 

So here’s the important part: when looking into credit lines for sale, all we can guarantee is the line posting two out of three bureaus, having less than 10% utilization, and they will stay posted for the alotted time you purchased them for. 

The good news is we know they work. We see it all the time, but getting the approval is up to you. 

So the next thing you may be thinking…


Yeah That’s All Well and Good, But I’ve Heard of Credit Profiles For Sale


So you’re thinking, you’ll get a CPN, and then you’ll put tradelines on that, get a great score, and now you’re ready to get a house, a car, a credit card. 


You won’t get approved for a house. Underwriters take one look at a CPN and can tell it doesn’t belong to you. They’re trained in how to spot them. 

And if you’re not using your Social Security Number, well, that makes you sneaky. And underwriters don’t like folks trying to be sneaky. 

It’s always better to clean your reports, do it right. You can probably even find tradeline sales

Heck, we know, we run them all the time. We always take your situation into account. We can work with nearly any budget. Does that mean you can buy great lines with $50? No, but you may be able to get access to wholesale trade lines

It never hurts to ask.