If I Buy Tradelines, Will I Have Excellent Credit? What Does Excellent Look Like?


When was the last time you told anyone your credit score? Go ahead, think about it…
…have you thought about it?
If you thought about it, I bet it wasn’t too recent, unless you were bragging to your friends over a drink and that somehow strangely came up. Or you are in the dating game, and you are smart, and you asked what your date’s score was.

Hold that question till around dessert if the date is going that well.
Hopefully it stays going well.

Credit just isn’t something we share too often. If it’s low you are probably not feeling amazing about it, which leads to shame, or if it is amazing and you shout it from the rooftops, you’re a braggart, and a bit strange.

Before we get into how amazing a paid tradeline is for your credit, what does that even look like?

The average credit score across the country is 695.
This is interesting, because with a 695, you should have no trouble getting approvals. You won’t get the best rates, but you will get approvals.

And we have scores and scores of people calling us asking about credit tradelines just trying… scrambling…clawing…to get the minimum of 620 so they can buy a house.
Hold on, am I saying you can purchase a mortgage where you couldn’t before by buying authorized user tradelines?
Yes I am.

Back to excellent credit. The state with the best average is Minnesota, with 709.
Not bad.

But what do you think is excellent? 800, right? With an 800 or above, you are in the top 20% of the nation. But who cares about the averages? It’s your credit that matters. But…you’re wondering, if you add seasoned tradelines to your report, will you get to an 800? Maybe. We’ve seen it, but we can’t guarantee it.
Here’s the good news:

At 760 and up, you won’t get any better rates with a higher score. If you get there, you’re getting the best everything as far as credit goes.

So, the question…

Can You Get a 760 By Grabbing Some Personal Tradelines For Sale?

Maybe. It depends on your situation. This is getting irritating. Sorry. The truth is that every situation, every person, is entirely different. What excellence looks like is completely dependent on you.

Does excellence look like getting a really amazing car? Does it look like having a 40k credit card? Does it look like finally being able to purchase that property you’ve been saving for but juuuuust can’t quite get to the finish line because of your credit?

Are we close? Maybe it’s not anything like this. What excellent looks like to you is…well, that’s you. You define it.
By ordering up some tradelines for sale, we know this, you will be a lot closer, and you will be there faster.
We’re talking months here, maybe even over the year (or more) mark.

We wrote an article recently about whether you needed to spend a lot of money, but just in case you’re thinking, “you tricksters aren’t getting me to spend more time reading a different article entirely”…

Does a Cheap Tradeline Still Work?

Maybe. It depends on your situation. Okay, you’re mad now but listen up, we’re about to save you some anxiety.

Cleaning off the negative marks is the best thing you can do before you add a tradeline.

What are negative marks?

Collections, chargeoffs, bankruptcies. Even inquires (they are not strictly negatives, but they affect your credit. Too many can dive your scores faster than a nuclear submarine).
All of these items can be deleted if you get with the right professional (or know what you’re doing.)

Do we do that?
We do not.
But, we can point you in the direction of someone very good, not expensive, who delivers fast results.

If you do remove the negatives, and in some cases that means the reports are just blank afterward, then you are looking at great results regardless of the tradeline you add.

You may not hit that amazing elite mark of 760, but adding any trade line credit will have outstanding results.

And, as usual, we are always willing to look at your reports to give you the best credit advice around.

Jimbo: A Case Study (Ways to raise credit score)


Meet Jimbo, he’s seventeen, a highschool senior, runs track, likes Netflix and video games and girls, a typical young man about to enter adulthood. Fall semester he applied to several colleges, some in state, some out. He wants to study anthropology. 

On his eighteenth birthday, his dad, who has an average credit of 700, adds Jimbo to his Cabela’s Capital One as an Authorised User, in essence offering a piggybacking credit card to help his son jumpstart his credit, saying “Jimbo, my good son, credit is important in this world. Protect it, it is your financial reputation.”

Jimbo’s dad doesn’t really know how credit works, but that’s alright, he knows the most important thing: Never miss a payment on your credit card, or any other outstanding loan.

Unfortunately, Jimbo’s dad is missing the second most important thing when it comes to credit cards: Always pay your monthly balance off so as to avoid interest charges. 

–The Cabela’s Cap One has a utilization of 65%

With a piggyback service, Jimbo may have had an 800 credit score, but with only one thing on his credit, his score was 670, not terrible, but not stellar either. 


Jimbo goes to college at UMass, drinks a lot, joins a fraternity, flirts with cheerleaders, all in the first month of his freshman year. At an event for the Business School, he meets a well-dressed man who offers him a student credit card. He asks, “Does getting a credit card improve credit score?” The man responds in the affirmative. Yes, his score will be improved. Well hell, Jimbo figures, sure, why not, get the $100 bonus this guy keeps talking about. 


He is approved, thus adding another credit trade line to his reports. 

He thinks he should maybe ask his dad about the whole thing, but nah, he’s an adult now. He works at a sandwich counter at a local deli. He can afford it. $100 buys a fair bit of beer, now just need to find someone of legal age to buy it–that’s what fraternity brothers are for!

He gets the card, and he starts to spend. He spends and spends. Every time he swipes he marvels, it doesn’t even feel like spending real money! He makes a payment, then another, but just the minimum, since that’s all that’s due. A few months go by, the payments creep up, and up. Then he sees the balance. $4,000. What!? He can’t pay that. He calls the company: “Will canceling a credit card hurt my credit score?”

The rep says she doesn’t know. The question takes too many things into account that she isn’t aware of. 

“Whatever, just cancel it.”

The rep does.

Phew, glad it’s over, Jimbo puts the phone down and heads to the homecoming football game. 

He gets some letters. He throws them away. Eventually the letters stop. 

Then the calls start. 

How’d they get the number?! Jimbo ignores them too. 

They stop, though he gets one or two every month or so. 

Now Jimbo is graduating. He gets a job. He needs a credit card. He looks at his score.

He has a drink.

He searches credit card offers for poor credit score.

There aren’t many.


He starts researching, he has that one nasty collection, but that’s about it besides his dad’s card, now consistently at under 10% utilization (go dad), and thinks…“I need to raise my credit score 100 points.” 

But…how to do that. He starts to realize through his reading, that credit is made up of all kinds of things, he never knew! If your score is bad, you probably need to remove negative items (he does), and add positive data. He searches “How many points will my credit score increase when collection accounts are removed from report?”

He finds nothing conclusive, but engages a credit repair service. He has things to buy for his new apartment, and his paychecks don’t cover what he needs. He asks the repair service how long, the rep says a few months. Jimbo says “Dude! I need you to raise my credit score fast!” 

The rep says okay, two months.

Jimbo gets the collection removed. His score sits at a 740. He applies for a new card.

He is approved. 

How Fast My Credit Score Can Be Improved?


This is what everyone wants to know, but it’s never a simple answer. There is no one-size-fits all solution to anyone’s credit issues. And this is why: go look in the mirror. Does anyone else have your face? Unless you’re starring in a Mission Impossible movie, the answer is “no.” Okay, we won’t be too smart alecky. So, generally, how fast can credit score rise? Credit score can rise quickly, in a few days at the fastest, and several months, if not longer, at the longest. Understanding how fast you can raise it comes down to how much you understand about credit.

How Can I Help My Credit Score?


First step is knowing what affects your score. It’s similar to if you want to lose weight. You must understand nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc, and how that applies to your particular situation. There are plenty of people on youtube or in magazines (if anyone still reads those) that have their “How I lost 100 pounds in X amount of time” stories, but the problem is, you will never see a video “how I raised my credit score” or similar equivalent. Why is that? Plenty of people have bad credit, and plenty of people have gotten their scores in better shape. The reason those videos don’t exist is because people are afraid, or ashamed, to admit they have bad credit. Bad credit is a secret, unseeable situation, while being overweight isn’t so easily hidden.

So, like knowing how to lose weight, you need to know how to raise credit. You raise your credit by removing negative data and/or adding positive data. It’s that simple. Negatives are things like collections, public records, and charge-offs. So if you’re asking “how can I raise my credit score quickly?” Which one of the two, adding positives, or removing negatives, do you need?

Raise My Credit Score 100 Points?


If you have your own positive data, loans (i.e. student, car, mortgage, credit cards) and they are in good standing but you have a few collections on your reports, then by taking them off you may see a quick boost of 100 points or more. Removing negatives can be quick, but most of the time it is not an immediate process, and may take 45 days to several months.

Be wary of companies that charge you a monthly fee to work on your credit, as it’s best for their business if they take their time.

If you also need positive data in addition to removing negatives, then you are looking at adding tradelines.

When Purchasing a Tradeline, What Should I Look For?


Ah yes, tradelines, that wild west portion of the financial sector. No other product can give you results so quickly. Not many products have as many rip-off artists either. The problem with tradelines, they are unregulated, so when you buy one, you’ll want to make sure you trust the business you buy from. You may be tempted to go after the low cost tradelines, and you can find them, but be careful that low cost doesn’t translate to “too good to be true.” For instance, if you’re looking to keep the price down, that will likely mean the lines are not very old, and not very big. So when you see someone advertising low cost seasoned tradelines, that should raise a red flag. It’s the longer time on the tradelines that make them worth more, so very cheap ones are rare.

Can You Buy Tradelines You Can Use?


We get this question sometimes. Do we sell tradelines that people can utilize the limits on? The simple answer is no. But why? Well, let us ask you a question, would you go out on the street and hand your credit card over to a stranger for a fee? Let’s say you have a 10k limit, would you let someone use that for a few hundred dollars? No, you wouldn’t. When someone becomes an Authorized User, the responsibility of paying is entirely on the primary cardholder legally, which is why people are generally very careful about who gets to be an AU. Just like there are no permanent seasoned tradelines, there are none that you can purchase and have access to their limit.

I Need to Buy a Tradeline, But I’m Not Sure What to Do With It


So you are in a position where you know that you need to increase your credit scores, and you’ve heard of these things called tradelines, that they can help, but you’re not sure what to do once you get them. Fear not, as we are here to lessen the mystique of these powerful credit tools, but when it comes right down to it, we can’t truly tell you how to use trade lines, and here’s why: tradelines are a utilitarian product that help you accomplish a lending goal, but we as a company can’t really give you ironclad steps to take once you get them, because there are far too many factors involved. If you buy a tradeline to increase credit score, then you’ve taken a step in the right direction, and tradelines can help you get the score you need for the approvals you want, but once you get that score, there are far too many lenders out there for us to be able to give you a bulletproof plan to get approvals. Okay, so there’s no sure thing with tradelines, why even get one then?


Why You Need to Buy Tradelines?


Perhaps you’ve got a close family member, or a close friend, who offers to put you onto their credit card for free. After all, that’s what tradelines are, credit card data (in the case of authorized user tradelines anyway). But here’s the problem. That card may have a missed payment on it; even one negates all the benefits of the tradeline. The friend or family member may rack up charges, and right when you are about to apply for or close on a loan, boom, you have a utilization in the high 90th percentile and your deal is sunk. If you’re getting a tradeline, you need to purchase a tradeline, as that way you have the guarantee of the business selling it to you. What happens if your friend’s tradeline goes bad, does he have other, better lines waiting in the wings? Unlikely. A business will always have inventory they can utilize to make things right if something goes wrong. There are many, many businesses that offer many a seasoned authorized user tradeline.


And What Does That Mean, Seasoned?


Most of the time the word “seasoned” means aged 2 years at least. How old you need to go with the tradelines will depend on what’s on your report and what you are trying to do. And is there a difference between seasoned tradelines vs authorized user? No, they are the same thing.


How to Purchase Tradelines


Always look for a company that has google reviews online. A business lives and dies by its reputation. If there are google reviews, you know that business is legitimate. No scammer will survive the wrath of angry customers who can review a business on google. If you’re looking into how to get trade lines, all of the businesses that offer them will be happy to explain the situation. Many times we have customers that come to us and they are simply not ready to put a tradeline on. They need credit repair, they need to pay down balances, etc. We turn down thousands upon thousands of dollars in sales per day because of this, and this is how you know you’ve found a company that’s trying to do right by the customer. Lastly, how do you know a tradeline is right for you?


How to Send Trade Lines to Equifax


This is an example of the type of thing that may get us to inform the customer that they may not want to purchase. Anyone who comes to us and says they absolutely need to get a line on a particular bureau will hear two things from us: you’re either going to want to buy two tradelines, or not buy at all. We don’t say that to get more money out of you. We say it because we guarantee posting on 2 out of 3 bureaus. Most of the time it’s 3/3, but we guarantee the 2, any of the 2. Having flexibility when you purchase is going to pay dividends down the line when you are trying to get lending. If it’s one bureau you absolutely need, get two, none, or be okay with the fact you’re rolling the dice a bit.

Tips to Raise Your Credit Score


Rarely at Boost Credit 101 do we get someone calling us up asking about tips, general or specific, on how to raise their credit score. That’s something that you might call a friend and ask. Unfortunately this capitalistic society has trained us all that if someone is speaking to us, then they want something from us, and if you are the one calling it’s likely you’re wondering how much it costs and how much it can help your situation, whatever that situation may be. And if that situation is finding ways to help your credit score, we take the approach that if we can help you, even if our products won’t, we’ll dispense that information for free. Of course, we do ask that you remember us if our products would ever help you out, and tell everyone you know how awesome we are. But, that out of the way, we’ll tell you the quickest way to raise your credit score: remove the negatives, add positives.

Now, that sounds simple, but it never is.

And the real reason it’s not so simple is that people are fixated on ways to raise your credit score instantly. There is no instant way, because no matter what you do, the credit reports still have to update. You can take action that is instant, but there will be days, weeks, even months before you see real results. And that’s not an easy pill to swallow. But if you’re looking for the quickest way to boost credit score profiles across the board: get current on any accounts you are late on. Now if that is not applicable to you, skip ahead to the next section. If you’re looking to get better scores with a product, and you’re late, that’s like going to the doctor with gushing wounds looking for plastic surgery to make your nose prettier. A messy analogy, but I’m sure the gist is clear, stop the bleeding before trying to improve; that’s priority one. After that, here are a few simple pieces of advice.

Secrets to Raising Your Credit Score

If getting current on your accounts doesn’t apply, and your score is low, it’s likely because you have negative marks like collections, charge-offs, judgments, repo’s, or bankruptcies. If you have a low score because of a lack of data, you’re in the best position possible, and that’s next section. If you do have negatives, removing them is one of the best ways to raise your credit score. After all, if you have something pulling your down, a good thing to do is get rid of the things that are pulling you down. Pretty much everything is removable if you get with the right person or company, besides repo’s, those have to be settled, as they are collateral that the bank expects to be paid for. We can’t point you to the companies that are the best, but we’ve seen some great results, and not too many of them involved getting with a company that charges you a monthly fee. Their business model is to keep you on the hook for as long as possible. Repair doesn’t take that long. If you can find a good person or company to get that stuff clean off, it is one of the best ways to repair your credit score. And it will take some time, coming to grips with that fact is the best thing you can do for yourself. Sometimes there just aren’t that many shortcuts, but if you don’t have negatives, or you’ve gotten them cleaned, good news, there is something you can do that’s fast.

What is the Quickest Way to Improve Your Credit Score?

Adding positive data is the single best way to get your credit score into a better range. That can be in the form of tradelines, what we offer, but it can also be in the form of getting approved for your own tradelines and steadily paying them off monthly over time; this is the long way, but if you’re not trying to get a loan, this is what raises your credit score the most: consistent responsibility with using credit cards–and none of that talk about credit cards being evil. Just exhibit some self control and you’ll be fine. If you are in a rush, then purchasing tradeline data to go on your report is, by far, the quickest way to raise your credit score.

Credit Score is a Scam! But How Do I Get the Better One?


In the Lord of the Rings, Gandalf and the rest of the fellowship try to go over some snowy mountains, but they can’t make it over the pass because that rascal Saruman is casting spells that result in unpleasant weather, so the crew decides to try their luck in the mines of Moria, which turns out to be a long, slow slog through the dark, fighting cave trolls and goblins and a giant fiery Balrog. Seems like a whole lot of trouble to get from point A to point B, but that’s life in Middle Earth. What correlation do hobbits have with credit you may ask? Well, credit is like those mines in Moria. They can be a tough, tough road. But first, let’s address that first sentiment, that credit scores are a scam.

How is my credit score even a thing?

The three credit bureaus have fascinating histories. We won’t get into them here, but they’ve been around for a while–Equifax was started in 1899 by the Woodford brothers in Atlanta as an entity that would sell data on credit-worthy customers. FICO, as we know it, came about in 1989. FICO is compiled by the three credit bureaus to create scores based on information they get from banks and other institutions. How many digits are in a credit score? Three, based on a scale from 350-850. So here you go, wait, I didn’t authorize that! That’s why it’s a scam! Well, okay, but that’s the reality we live in, might as well say money is a scam since we made that up too. So, wherever you are, how does credit help you?

What if my credit score is 0?  

You are in the best possible position. And you think “increasing my credit score is priority one.” Whether you are young (or not and you just have never used credit), or someone has done a great job of cleaning your report, if your score is 0, or NA, more likely, then you are in a great position, because any positive data you put on, like putting a tradeline on your credit, will give you a stellar score quite quickly. Or you can get a secured card and go the traditional route, though that will usually take six months to a year before you can start building unsecured credit history, which is the solid gold backbone running through any great credit score. But what if your credit score is in bad shape?

My credit score is 560. Help!

Sound the alarms, up periscope, red alert! If your score is in the 500’s, or lower, you likely have a plethora of bad data on your report that needs to be taken care. You’ve probably done multiple searches on some variation of: how many points will my credit score increase when a collection is removed? It’s not an easy question. What other negatives do you have? If you only have collections as negatives, then you may or may not see a jump, depending on how much positive data helping you have on your report. If you’re pulling your hair out over that, don’t, it’s complicated stuff, but if you’re looking for something like a 100 point credit score increase, getting those negative collections off is the first step.

Okay, so removing collections raise credit score, what else can I do?

One thing that we see fairly frequently, are people looking for a credit boost with tradelines because they have maxed out credit cards. And this is where we wish we had some better news, because having maxed out cards is pretty much the equivalent of being in the mines of Moria. It’s perhaps going to be a long, slow climb out from under that, but the other choice is bankruptcy, or some kind of debt consolidation (which we never recommend unless you’re able to do it with some kind of your own collateral–house, or loan). So if you’re asking “will debt consolidation help my credit score?” Potentially, yes, but you still owe it, and how are you consolidating? After all, if your score is low, how can you get a loan to pay down your debt at any kind of good rate? It’s not the best news, but doing it the right way, even if it takes a good while, is better than paying someone to ruin your credit while they claim to be helping you, which is what most debt consolidation companies end up doing.

What is the Best Way to Raise Your Credit Score?


Okay, the year is well on it’s way at this point, and your New Year’s resolution of getting your credit and finances figured out has gone on the backburner. Like most things in life, credit, and finances probably don’t really get figured out unless they absolutely have to. So if you’re thinking “my credit score could be better,” but haven’t taken any tangible steps, this post is for you. But if you find yourself in a place where you need to improve your credit, let’s back up for a moment.

Credit Score Help

This will be a bit philosophical, but stick with us.

We all have a center, that still space inside of us that inherently knows what we should and should not to. Call it intuition if you’d like. There are many names. The best way to avoid having to ask “please someone help fix my credit score!” is to not have it need fixing in the first place. We live in a capitalistic society where we have companies and people constantly, constantly, trying to push us off our center, to trigger us into believing we need to have something that we absolutely do not. Think you’re immune? These companies pay millions of dollars for focus groups and psychology experts to hit you with messages that fly under your radar and become part of your decision without you even realizing it. Eckhart Tolle recommends muting all advertisements on television, as when we watch tv we are in a suggestive state–hence, SuperBowl ads that cost $5.2 million dollars for a 30 second spot. Want our best tips to improve credit score? Don’t get moved off your center. Don’t need to fix it. If you think…I really need that. Do you? Perhaps this is standard stuff, but it leads to rampant problems. Trust us. But, you’re probably here because you want tangible solutions, and while we don’t remove negative data, we can certainly help with adding positive data.

Piggybacking Tradelines

At Boost Credit 101, this is our main business. By utilizing authorized users on credit cards we are able to offer a product that can give incredible results. Though we will always take a look at anyone’s report and give them our best advice, for actual products offered, tradeline renting is what we do. This means that we sell data for a limited time that belongs to someone else so you can experience a credit boost to accomplish a lending goal. We only offer personal tradelines, no business tradelines or tradelines that go on anything else but a Social Security number given to you by the SS Administration. Perhaps you’ve heard of another way. The CPN. The way of the scn number with tradelines. Don’t fall victim to this. This is the counterfeit path. The SCN/CPN is not real. It’s fool’s gold, no matter how authentic it seems. As for other types of tradelines, there are auto tradelines, where someone or a company puts on a car loan to your report that you aren’t actually paying for so you can get a boost. This is called a primary tradeline. There are also mortgage tradelines that fall under this category. It is fraud to put something on your credit in your name that you aren’t paying for. The principle of caveat emptor very much applies here. You might even find someone that will offer you pay after post tradelines, but again, buyer beware. Most products given before payment require a certain amount of trust. And we are betting you are finding tradelines on the internet, a place you should be doubly sure to be confident in who you are doing business with. If you get a line put on, primary, or authorized user, and you decide to do business with the wrong people, then you could end up with a missed payment (thus totally negating the benefit), and then you have to look into trade line deletion, which can get a bit complicated depending on the type of line. But when it comes right down to it, there’s no doubt, tradelines are a best way to raise credit score profiles.

How Long Does It Take for Credit Score to Improve?


We talk a lot about the length of time it takes to get things off your credit report, of not falling into the trap of trying to chase after instant gratification–seriously, grab a candy bar it’ll do a similar trick–and we also talk about being realistic. Looking into ways to raise credit score 100 points overnight is really not part of actual reality. You may end up with a 100 point (or more) jump if you do things right, but it won’t be overnight. People call us all day every day asking how they can get into a better credit position, but it’s very simple, as far as how to improve your credit score goes anyway. When it comes down to credit, there are three things: negative data that can be removed, negative data that cannot be removed, and adding positive data. These are the main overall, most general factors when it comes to your credit. So, first off, the negatives.

How can I fix my credit score?

When people talk about “fixing” their reports, it usually means removing the negatives, but it could also mean they have a number inside their heads that means great credit and that’s what they want and they want what they want despite not knowing how to get there. That’s fine. We get people who don’t know much about credit calling us all day long asking us “How long does it take to improve my credit score?” without any idea of how to do it. That’s why they are calling us. But the first step is always taking away the negatives. There are some negatives that cannot be removed, late payments, bankruptcy; and there are some that can, collections, chargeoffs. The secret is getting what you can removed, so you can be the best possible position to raise credit score profiles across all three bureaus. There are also certain parts of your reports that aren’t necessarily negative, but also affect your credit when overdone. We’re talking about inquiries here. We hear the common refrain: why do we get penalized for applying for credit? It’s a fair question, but we don’t exactly live in a society that demonstrates self control on a general level. If people could apply for credit without consequence, then they would apply, over and over and over. This would take up time, on everyone’s part, so making the inquiries a part of your score is a subtle way of seeing if you have self control enough to know that a decline means “Stop.”

As far as the negative marks that cannot be removed, inquiries, late payments, bankruptcies, and the like, the only thing that can help these is time. That is perhaps not what anyone wants to hear, but even if you have many late payments, these will stop affecting you so much after six months or so. Inquiries do not count against your score if over a year old and drop off completely after two years. Unfortunately, with bankruptcies, the answer to how long does it take to improve credit score is not so simple. After all, a BK is only a single negative mark, and you can certainly put your credit score back in order quickly if it is the only one. What you can get approved at that point is where it gets hazier, though we see plenty of people with credit card approvals after a BK. So, okay, let’s say you’ve got the negatives off, now it’s time to…

Buy credit lines

If you take a neutrally buoyant object, it will not move up until you add something that makes it positively buoyant. A credit report that has the negatives removed is like a neutrally buoyant object. You can see a report with a 560 not move at all when removing all collections, even to the point that the report is basically wiped clean. This is when you need to get positive data added, either through purchasing them or through getting approved for ones on your own. The problem is that it’s hard to get approvals when you don’t have anything on your credit. This is why buying seasoned credit lines is even a thing. Overall, the time it takes to improve a credit report can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months (or longer). The temptation in trying to take shortcuts by purchasing another credit profile may be great, but it’s always better to improve the profile issued to you by the SS administration.

Keeping Your Eye on the Goal AND How to Boost Your Credit Score


Quick! If we were to ask you to jump into a car and start driving, would you do it? Of course not! At least not without asking these two questions, where am I going, and why am I doing this? These are two very, very important things to keep in mind when it comes to your credit. If you don’t have a destination, how will you know you’re on the right track to get there? Hint, hint: this can also apply to other areas of life [wink] [wink]. If you’re looking up how to improve credit score fast we might have some bad news for you. How long did it take to screw up? Years? Well, good news, it won’t take that long to fix, but figuring out how to raise your credit score is not as simple as just reading articles on the net and applying general things, because your credit score is unique to you. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do that won’t help things out quick. Perhaps you’ve punched in some scenarios into a credit score simulator and come up with some possible courses of action. Add some tradelines, pay off some debt, remove some negatives, but what site is this on? It may be relevant only to the algorithm they are using. Are they using Vantage, fico? Is there a fico and credit score difference? No, fico is your credit score, at least as far as lenders who will actually run your credit for things you want. Is there something general we can tell you that will help improve credit scores though? Yes, there is.

How to raise your credit score: a quick run down

Are you currently late on anything you owe money on? That’s the first step. If you are behind on something it’s like having a boot on your throat, makes it hard to breathe. If you are late on things, your credit has no room to move up because it is constantly being pulled down. Do you have negatives on your report, collections, chargeoffs, etc? Those need to be removed. Do you not have anything positive reporting, you need to get some data (or get approved for–which takes longer) on your report. This is where tradelines come in and are the fastest way how to boost credit score. There are many, many things to talk about before you can buy tradelines. Where do you get negatives removed? We’ll just say this, you want to go with someone who has a trackable record. The guy you find on craigslist is probably not the most trustworthy. There are some more subtle things about getting your score up, but we’ll save that for a later post. Now, the big question, why is it that you want to raise your score in the first place? Let’s say…you are after that American dream of purchasing a house, which brings us to:

What credit score do you need to purchase a home?

There are scores that you can get that will allow you to purchase a home, and there are scores that you can get that will give you the best rates possible. In answering the question: what credit score do I need to purchase a home? It’s simple. Pretty much the lowest you can go is…580. That’s with FHA and putting 3.5% down. If you are below that, you will need to put 10% down. The better question to ask yourself is: what is a good credit score to purchase a home? Now we’re talking, and this is where you want your head at. You want the best rate you can get. The difference between a low rate and a high rate can mean tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the course of a loan. The best rates are for people with a credit score of 760 or better. That should be considered the high water mark for anyone. If you have that score or better, your rate will equal the lowest rates on offer. So, just to recap, the minimum credit score to purchase a home is 580 (or lower depending on the lender). But you do not want to be in this boat. You might think, just let me get the loan, and I’ll refinance later, but this is a bad plan. The rates will likely be higher than they are right now, and even if they are comparable, or even a bit better, it costs $2,500 at a minimum to refinance a mortgage. This is money that just vanishes. It’s much, much better to put yourself in the best position before going to purchase that mortgage.

My Credit Score: Answering Some Common Credit Questions


Here’s the thing about credit, it’s basically impossible to figure out unless you work with it all the time, as it’s always changing. Like a lot of things in life, it’s probably overly complicated, not taxes complicated (thank goodness), but pretty complicated. You don’t need to understand credit fully to be able to have good credit. A lot of it is common sense, and you probably don’t want to think about it too much as it can start to drive you a bit nuts. After all, institutions (like banks) you interact with give your data to a publicly traded company without your permission in order to judge your worthiness to lend money to. Does that mean that FICO and credit score is a scam? Not really. It’s the system we find ourselves in. There are plenty of infuriating things far worse. Not to get political, but take our two-party system we have in politics. Are the people we end up voting for really the best people qualified to run the country? Of course not, that’s why South Park did an episode about a giant douche vs a turd sandwich in an on-the-nose comparison. But we digress, if you’re here looking into tradelines or credit repair, then you’re probably thinking…”increasing my credit score” is a good idea. The first thing to realize, is what makes up your score

How is my credit score configured?

What makes up your credit score can be broken down into six categories: how you utilize revolving credit, number of times applied (inquiries), average age of credit history, number of accounts, derogatory marks (like collections, chargeoffs, etc), total accounts, and payment history. Having any one of these in a bad spot can seriously affect your credit, and each category has a different weight as far as how much it affects the total score. But let’s back up, how many digits are in a credit score? Well, three. The number goes from 350-850 in most algorithms for FICO models. People call us frequently asking how they can get an 800 credit score, which is generally considered the mark of supreme excellence culturally, but this number is not easy to hit, hence why it is so coveted. Our first piece of advice, pay everything you owe on time. If you can do that, then you will have decent credit until the end of your days. But we know you want more than that. Our next piece of advice would be: be responsible with the credit you have. That means not maxing out your cards and keeping the utilizations low. If you are in a position where you do have large balances and are wondering “will debt consolidation help my credit score?” It depends on how you consolidate. If you consolidate from revolving to revolving, you may not see much difference. Securing that unsecured debt to secured on the other hand, with collateral such as a home or a car, you will see a substantial increase in score, maybe even a 100 point credit score increase. So how else can you raise your credit?

How can I raise credit score in 3 months?

This is about the time frame you want to expect for truly seeing improvements in your credit scores. Sometimes it can be faster, but if you look at your reports and say “my credit score is 560” then a longer time frame should be expected. There are two ways to raise your score, taking off negative items, and adding positive items. The first thing you want to do (because it takes the longest), is take off negatives, because there’s no doubt: removing collections raise credit score better than almost any other activity you can engage in. We’ve had many customers call us up saying their reports are blank, but inevitably they have things they’ve forgotten about, like medical bills, that have now turned into collections. We know what you’re thinking: how many points will my credit score increase when a collection is removed? It depends on what you have as far as positives. Do you have multiple credit cards that you pay on time and utilize responsibly, a mortgage, a car loan? The more positive data you have on your reports, the more it will shoot up when you take a negative off…but here’s the question you should be asking: how many points will my credit score increase when collection accounts are removed from report? Because let’s face it, you might as well get them all off. Each negative mark carries a particular weight, and one may or may no be more heavily weighted than another so if you’re asking “how much will my credit score increase after a bankruptcy is removed?” The answer is difficult to say, as only the algorithm (and that’s a secret) knows. In a future article, we will discuss how adding positives can boost your score.