Do I Need Tradelines to Get an 800 Credit Score?


Everyone wants an 800 score. We get calls every day with people saying they want to be at 800.

We always try to be polite.

But the truth is, 800 credit scores are for people who pay their credit perfectly, for a long time (think years), on all the various types–revolving (credit cards, HELOCs, installment (student loans, mortgage, auto loans, etc)–and they likely have a lot of those types. 

But…here’s some good news, you won’t get any better rates at 800 than you will at 760. 760 is considered an elite score, and once you reach it, you get no benefit from going beyond it.

This is like in the movie “Armageddon”–Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck…very cheesy, but very entertaining–where a crew of oil drillers and astronauts must dig to 800 feet in order to detonate a bomb to blow up a giant asteroid hurtling toward Earth. They need to get to 800, but anything beyond is unnecessary. 

Think of your credit as that 800 feet mark, but, you only need to reach 760.

So, for that 760, do you need to add tradelines

And the answer is…maybe.


Who Should Buy Authorized User Tradelines?


Everyone. Okay just kidding. 

Here is who should not buy them: anyone with excessive negative marks (collections, chargeoffs, etc), huge amounts of inquiries, overutilized cards, loans/lines with very recent missed payments, or currently late accounts.

Do any of these apply to you? Then you should not buy authorized user trade lines

The good news: most of these are fixable. If you’re late on anything, get current. 

That should be your NUMBER ONE priority. 

Negatives can be cleaned–and we highly recommend going the professional route for this, as paying off a collection usually means it stays on there, paid, but still there, like an unsightly scar. It’s healed, but it looks funky (and does affect your credit).

Adding au tradelines has taken on this mythical role of automatically boosting scores by 100-150 or more points. It doesn’t work like that. 


How Does Adding Authorized User Trade Lines Help Your Score?


There are all kinds of graphs, sites, and blogs dedicated to how your FICO score is calculated, but in actuality we only have a vague clue. FICO algorithms are like that BBQ sauce you love. You can likely pick out most of the ingredients, but there are things in there the chef will never reveal. 

Where do you think the term “secret sauce” comes from?

FICO is the secret sauce of the credit industry.


That said, here’s a brief breakdown:

Payment History: 35%

Revolving Utilization: 30%

Credit Age: 15%

New Activity (inquiries): 15%

Credit Mix: 10%


If you’re thinking of buying authorized user tradelines, this is where you want to pay attention. Those first two categories make up 65%, nearly s of your score. That is mainly related to credit cards–if you’re late on your auto loan or mortgage then you have other issues needing addressed–and credit card data is exactly what you get when you buy au tradelines

The people who should buy this data are those looking to start building their credit (new/wiped profiles), and people with none of the major issues affecting their credit who need a boost. 


Where Can You Find These Authorized User Accounts for Sale?


Right here. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? Or maybe you got linked to this article because it is so amazing. Either way, right here. You do not want to go looking Craigslist for personal tradelines for sale


You want to find a reputable company. What makes us/them reputable? 

They have the ability to leave reviews. 

They have contracts. 

They keep your money in an escrow account until the contract is completed. 

They let you know what is guaranteed.

They don’t promise the moon.


This last one is important. You may find people or “companies” that offer tradelines under $100. But that should raise all kinds of red flags. You might find someone who knows someone who will add you to their credit cards, but companies do not charge these kinds of prices. 

There are commissions, advertising, website fees…all the costs of a business. Anyone offering an authorized user for sale for that cheap is a scammer unless you know otherwise. 

How to Find the Best Tradeline Companies


Recently we did an article talking about a major credit repair firm and how their whole operation was slapped with an injunction by the FTC. Needless to say, that company is not among the kind of companies you want to work with. If you want to piggyback off of someone else’s credit, you can either find someone who has a great card or pays a company to place you on one. We’ll get into what makes a great tradeline company in a bit, but first, what do you need to know to find a good tradeline if you do find a good company?

Why Buy Seasoned Tradelines?

Tradelines–in the case of Boost Credit 101 (and most tradeline companies)–mean Authorized User spots for sale on revolving credit cards. There are six main categories that make up your credit: revolving utilization, total accounts, payment history, the average age of total credit, derogatory marks, and inquiries. 

The last two are things that take away from your scores. 

The first four all help, and all four are affected by adding tradelines. This is why we see jumps of 100-150 points (and sometimes more). But how long do you get them, is it even worth it?

How long do tradelines stay on your credit?

Every company is different, but the lines will stay on for at least one cycle, which is 25-31 days. All of our tradelines are a minimum of 2 cycles, which is 45-60 days, and we also have lines that stay on for 3 and 4 cycles. If you are doing a mortgage, these longer-cycle lines are ideal, as mortgage loans can take several months. 

If you’re looking to get something like credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, or business loans, these things don’t take quite as long, but in our experience, things usually take a bit longer than expected–maybe you have some things you need to be removed, maybe you need to add another line, or pay off some of your existing balances–and that’s why we have 2-cycle-minimum lines. 

How to Add Tradelines to Your Credit

We get this question frequently, “Do I need to do anything to get the line to post?” Usually, our answer is, nope. A good company will explain everything upfront. All you have to do when you make a purchase is: pick your line (ask us, we can always tell what is best for you), sign a contract, and make a payment. Once that is done, we notify the cardholder of your order, provide your information, the cardholder adds you as an Authorized User, and the lender submits the data to the credit bureaus. If you do things right, you can experience incredible boosts to your scores. 

The other question we get is, how can I make the payment, do I check out on the website, is it like Amazon? 

How to Purchase a Tradeline

We do have a check-out feature on the site, but usually, we want to speak to customers before they do. We live in a world where convenience is king…the problem with this is that most times people don’t fully understand what they are buying.

This is okay, as credit itself isn’t exactly a bowl full of Fruit Loops–or whatever it is that you can imagine that’s amazing that goes into a bowl (but Fruit Loops are pretty awesome)–and we don’t get educated on this very important thing by anything but our own ambition. 

We ask that you please call us if you have any questions at all. We actually like looking at credit reports. For us, it’s a bit like fishing, every time we open a new report, we see something new, some new issue or problem we get to try and help fix/assist.


You won’t find anyone on the streets shouting “Tradelines for Sale 2019”. And if you did, would you trust them at all? That person would probably be locked up for mental evaluation at the least. The best tradeline companies are online (NOT Craigslist), and will fully disclose what you are buying, what you are guaranteed. They will have contracts, the ability to leave reviews online, and they will hold your money in escrow until contractual completion. If you are talking to a company that has all these things, by all means proceed, but watch out if they offer tradelines for $50 or some bottom of the barrel price. 

Those kinds of prices are the definite signifier of a scam. 


Can You Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report Yourself?


Tradelines, those magical things that can turn your lowdown, slimy frog of a credit score into a princely number worthy of the best rates on whatever it is you would want to get lending on. But how do you get them? Are you trying to find out how to add tradelines to your credit report yourself, or are you well in your search and believe you must pay to add tradelines to your report? First off, can you add them yourself? Not really, not unless you get approved for cards in your name. That is the only way you can add them yourself. If you have a friend or a relative or a spouse who has a credit card, can they add you? Yes, they can, but you want to be very careful with this. Most people with credit cards use them fairly frequently, so you run the risk at any time of that tradeline being overutilized, which can drop your credit faster than a torpedo impacting on a submarine at depth, and if there is a single missed payment on that card? Same thing. Is it brand new? For example:


Same thing. New accounts lessen your average history, the lower your average history, the lower your scores. If you only have a few accounts open, then you’re back being the aforementioned submarine and its torpedo nemesis.


But, we have good news, we can tell you how to add tradelines to your credit report. And that is to get with a company you can trust that has contracts in place with people who rent out their credit history. Because let’s face it, can you trust your friends, your family, your spouse? Sure, we hope so at least, but even people we trust and love make mistakes, and those mistakes can cost us. What is more trustworthy is people who handle business, and nobody is more motivated to keep things straight than people who get paid for it. We cover this all the time, but companies with tradelines for sale are really the best way to add data to your report that doesn’t actually belong to you, but which kind of tradelines should you add? Some companies have primary lines, with mortgage tradelines, auto tradelines for sale, things like that, but those companies are engaging in fraud. It is not legal to take someone else’s debt and say that it belongs to you.


The only legal way to add credit to your report is with authorized user tradelines. These are the tradelines we utilize and have had success with for over five years now. We have customers that have gotten mortgages, bought cars, achieved high limit credit credit cards on their first applications. Are these results rare? They are not. If you have a solid game plan with tradelines you can achieve similar results, and having a solid game plan starts with realizing what it is exactly that tradelines can do.


When you apply for credit there are two factors: your credit score, and your income. If you have a perfect 800 score but make $10,000 a year, you likely won’t be buying a home or a car any time soon. If you make $95,000 a year but have a 450 credit score across all three bureaus, you won’t be getting any approvals either. The income part is up to you, but the credit part we can help with.


The first thing to do is to prepare your reports for the tradelines. Have you ever seen an Olympic runner before a race? What are they doing? Are they sitting still drinking milk and eating cookies? No, they are stretching, they are warming up. Preparation is a huge part of doing anything right, and so must your reports be prepared for the tradelines. This means cleaning the negatives off, and when that is done, the reports are ready for tradelines to be added. Once the tradelines go on, your scores will rocket up if you’ve done everything right. We see jumps of over 150 points at times. Are those common? Perhaps not exceptionally so, but the lower the scores, the more room they have to jump.

Anything above a 760 does not matter for getting the best rates.


These are scores that everyone would want, but unless you want to brag to your friends at the bar, or you are trying to boast to that girl or boy you’re trying to impress, above 760 won’t be anything but bragging rights. And…just in case you’re wondering how to get that score, because we get people who tell us they want an 800 (or better) score all the time, you get it by paying multiple different types of credit perfectly for years and years, and years. So, if you aren’t on that path, best to start out now.

Avoiding Tradeline Scams


These days it’s important to maintain your wits about you regarding who you do business with. At this point we are all (hopefully) aware that if a Nigerian Prince wants to give you a million dollars but needs $1,000 to secure a boat ride for the diamonds or cash or whatever, we know that’s no good. Scams take on many forms, nickel and dime stuff to bigger and perhaps even becoming famous for all time–see Victor Lustig, the Austrian-Hungarian who “sold” the Eiffel tower. If you’re looking into adding tradelines, you won’t be taking part in anything so grand, but you could still lose thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful. You always want to perform your due diligence when purchasing revolving tradelines, and this is the only kind you should be buying, as primary tradelines are in fact financial fraud. So, that brings us to the main question.

Are Tradelines Illegal?


Authorized User tradelines are not illegal. Adding tradelines in the primary position that do not belong to you, like auto or mortgage, are illegal. That is financial fraud. You cannot add debt onto a report and say it belongs to you when it doesn’t. But adding AU’s, or piggyback tradelines is not illegal, and in fact is the only legal way to add data onto your report that doesn’t belong to you.

We get calls all day every day asking for primary tradelines. At Boost Credit 101 we only sell AU aged tradelines, because we don’t want a government financial investigatory agent knocking on our door and hauling us off in handcuffs. The best advice we can give as far as primary lines go, don’t get into that transaction, as you are doing business with someone engaged in an illegal activity, which puts the probability of scam at higher than normal levels. If you want to buy a tradeline account, stick with the AU variety. So where exactly do you get them?

Are There Tradeline Stores?


The nice thing about being a consumer in the most whiz-bang gung-ho capitalist society to ever exist is that we have a lot of variety. Need some clothes? There are a hundred stores in a two mile radius (at least if you are in a city). Need a car? There are dealerships on several corners catering to every need you can think of, from the purely utilitarian, to the posh and gaudy (e.g. if you purchase a Maserati from Sil Terhar in Denver, they deliver each on a trailer; only you can put miles on it). The problem with tradelines however, is that there are no brick and mortar institutions, only online stores, and online stores can be a bit sketchy, [cough] craigslist. If you’re thinking, “I need to buy tradeline, so I can get house”, you won’t be able to window shop these products. But there is some good news: there are more than a few reputable institutions, and that should be your number one priority, finding an honorable tradeline company.

So how do you find them? Well, it’s fairly simple, just google “tradeline Boston”, or wherever it is that you live. Good tradeline companies can service your needs from anywhere in the U.S., and more often than not, will strictly be an online entity.

How Do You Properly Vet Reputable Tradeline Companies?


Any company that has the ability to check reviews is usually a legitimate company. Think about it. Businesses rely on reputation alone to stay solvent. If someone is a rip-off artist, they won’t allow reviews, as just a couple of those would sink the business. We would like to be able to offer the ability to look up reviews of tradelines, the problem with that is every file is different, and because one line worked perfectly for Person A, it doesn’t mean Person B will get the same results, so the lines do not get reviewed. If you are looking to add trade lines, we will also give this advice: make sure you get a contract. A contract shows this person or business has covered their bases legally, and should also let you know what they guarantee. If you are unsure of what you are buying, how can you make an informed decision?

What Tradelines of Credit are Best?


“Do you have primaries?” This is perhaps the most frequent question we get at Boost Credit 101 besides “Do you work with CPNs?” We don’t have primaries, and we don’t work with CPNs. The reason being, we don’t want the attorney general’s office breaking down our door and charging us with financial fraud–putting someone else’s debt on your own reports showing it belongs to you is fraud, and CPNs, while not strictly illegal, can be used for bust-out fraud, so we do not touch them. But beside all that, if you want to buy a tradeline, and do it the legal way, as in Authorized User (AU) tradelines, is one lender more superior than the other?

Buying a Tradeline: Do Lenders Matter?


It’s easy to see who is green in the land of tradelines when this question gets asked. “Do you have AmEx tradelines?” AmEx is a superior company. Everyone should have an AmEx in their wallet/purse if possible, superior technology, great customer service, not to mention the social status–if you pull out a platinum AmEx, people notice (the annual fee is $550. There are no-fee cards too, just FYI). The problem with AmEx, they don’t report history. So if you add one, and you get the notification “new tradeline credit report” or however your monitoring service works, and you look at the report…if the AmEx was opened ten years ago, it will show as if it was just opened, thereby negating any history benefit, which in the majority of cases is the most important factor when adding tradelines. So, in comparison, let’s say you buy a Capitol One tradeline, is this better? Yes, because it will show history. The lender does not matter so much, as long as it is a major bank, and it posts to 2/3 bureaus (hopefully 3/3), has no late payments, is under 10% utilization, and reports the history. After all, if you’re looking to rent a tradeline, you might as well get your money’s worth. If the line is overutilized (more than 30%), has even one missed payment, or is with a tiny Credit Union, it’s not worth getting.

Tradelines and Funding


Okay, so you’ve got a tradeline, maybe more than one, does that mean you are guaranteed to get funding? No. That’s the simple answer. Are you able to get funding? Probably. This is where you have to decide if buying a tradeline is worth it, as there is no secret credit offer of guaranteed tradelines, as in, if you buy a tradeline there’s no super-secret lender that will automatically give you a tradeline (credit card).
But…we see people getting approved for credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, with the use of tradelines on a frequent basis. Tradelines are extraordinary tools if you use them right. But if you’re googling “secret way to increase score fast tradelines regardless of score,” you may be disappointed, as unfortunately, the score matters. What is on your report always matters, and what is on your report is what makes up your score.

Okay, So If There Are No Guarantees What are Tradelines Used For?


It seems that a lot of people believe that getting a tradeline is akin to rubbing a magic lamp. They go on, and BAM, your score shoots up a hundred or more points regardless of what’s on your report. This is not the case. The negatives need to be removed. You must be current on your debt obligations (the tradelines you own), and that’s just the start. Tradelines are a great tool, but they are not magical. They do save you time, and if you are buying tradelines to improve credit, that is what you’re after. If you had all the time in the world, or at least a year or two, you could go the traditional route and apply for a secured card or loan, start building credit that way, and then after that get something unsecured. And only then…would your true credit building begin. Unsecured is where the most weight is placed as far as your score.
This is what tradelines are used for, to put the biggest influencer possible on your reports.

What is Tradeline Renting?


Many times we get the question of what is the point of getting tradelines if we don’t guarantee the results? As an example, we had a recent customer who called us up wanting to get a better rate on his home purchase, get a few credit cards, and refinance his auto loan, and he asked us how to purchase tradelines, and if they would help him. The answer is, yes, tradelines will always help, as putting positive data can only raise the scores, but we cannot guarantee that he would accomplish the goals he had, so he wondered why it was that he would do it.
For this, we have an analogy:
Let’s say you want to go fishing, and you have to get a license and hire a boat and captain for the chance to catch what you’re after, let’s say yellowfin tuna. By getting the license and hiring the boat, can the captain guarantee you get to reel in a yellowfin? No, because there are too many factors, the ocean is unpredictable. It’s the ocean. By getting the boat and license and captain to take you out, you are purchasing a chance to get what you’re after.
Tradelines are just like this, so you may say “If I add tradelines to my credit, you can’t get me what I want, what’s the point?” The point is, if you don’t add tradelines, you’re in the same position you are now, and that situation needs improvement. This is what makes tradelines so valuable, by renting the history of a great credit card with perfect payment history, a good limit, and long history, you see improvement to your FICO scores.

So, What is Tradeline Scoring?

Any time you add new data to a credit report, the reports will get rescored. You can either order new reports, or wait for them to update automatically. Does that mean you can clean up credit with tradelines? Not really, the tradelines are the positive data, and do not serve to negate negative marks completely. It’s not a one-to-one ratio. For example, if you have a bucket of white paint (your credit), and you put just a few drops of black paint in (negative marks), then the whole bucket is changed to a different color. Negatives have far more impact that positive data. That’s the way the algorithms work. The negatives should be removed as best you can before adding positive data. But…if you’re asking how to add tradelines to build credit, that is a different story.

New Credit File with Tradelines

If you are in the enviable position of having a blank profile, then tradelines alone can give you scores in the upper 700’s, even into the 800 realm at times. How does a person get a blank profile? Well, there are a few scenarios: you are young and have never used credit, you are not young and you’ve never used credit, you have used credit and you remove the negatives and inquiries–this will likely get you to a point where your score is reported as NA (if you don’t have credit accounts in good standing as well). So let’s say you’ve done the last one, and you want to get a home, but you can’t get that good rate, are there certain credit tradelines that attract subprime customers? That’s the beauty of tradelines, if you get the negatives removed and get the right tradelines put onto your reports, you will be able to qualify for prime lending, so the question is a bit of a moot point.
Tradelines, used correctly, will qualify you for the prime rates you are after. They may not be instant trade lines, but waiting a little bit (up to a month) and spending some money (even up to $2,000) could net you that next rate tier, which saves you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. This may mean you need more than one, so at that point you are looking at purchasing trade line packages, and this can shoot the price up, sometimes over that $2k mark, but again, to save yourself tens of thousands of dollars, it’s most likely worth your time and money to do so.

Certainty and Renting Tradelines


If I buy a tradeline, how much will my score go up? If I buy tradelines, can I get a loan for [X] amount? If I buy a tradeline with 20k limit, can I get a credit card with that limit? These are the types of questions we get every day. The problem…is that the questions assume a guarantee. If you call a tradeline company and they say, “Sure, absolutely, you will get exactly what you’re looking for if you buy tradelines with us!” then you are about to be the victim of a tradeline scam.

Let us put it this way: you need a college degree to get a job. You (hopefully) know what field you want to go into as a freshman (because we all know who we are at eighteen and what we want to do with our lives, right?), so you pick a general category: political science, business, biology, etc, and then you spend four years and a lot of money to get that degree. Are you guaranteed a job? No. You are not, but you need that degree, don’t you? Tradelines are much the same. There are no black market season trade tradelines for sale that give you a magic approval no matter where you go. Real tradelines offer the possibility of a door opening, but there are far too many variables to contend with for anyone to guarantee approvals at lending institutions.

So, Do Seasoned Tradelines Work?


On our homepage it says very clearly that our work is guaranteed, but that does not mean we guarantee you will get all the approvals you are after, your dreams will come true, and you get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by signing on the dotted line of our contract, because the truth is you can put on huge tradelines, like $50k+ and you may not even get an approval, or at least not the one you wanted. Why? Too many factors to say, maybe your income doesn’t justify the type of loan you are after, maybe that institution doesn’t give out that high of a loan, maybe you got unlucky. There’s always somewhere else. We’ve seen people find lenders that give loans that approve you with one tradeline. There is no one-size-fits-all type of tradeline, which leads us too…

What are the Most Reliable Tradelines?


Now we get into the weeds a bit, as there are different types of tradelines. One of the questions we always get is, do you have primary tradelines? We do not, as we consider those unreliable, as they are not legal. You can likely find a company that has seasoned mortgage tradelines for sale, and you may get one without consequences, but that is financial fraud, and you’re playing with fire. But what if you need a certain type of history to get approved for that type of loan? Do you need to buy auto tradelines if you want to get an auto loan? Again, these are primary, and a form of fraud. If you are at a dealership and they say you need auto loan history to get an auto loan, this likely means you are after a bit too much car for your situation. We had a client recently tell us that she wanted to get a motorcycle, a gift for her father even, but the Harley dealership said she wouldn’t be able to get the bike she wanted if she didn’t have auto loan history. She was eligible for their starter-bike program, but not the bike she was after. She still wanted to get tradelines, because you have to start somewhere.

And finally, we get this question a lot: do you sell permanent tradelines? The answer is no. Let’s go back to the motorcycles, and instead of a dealership, it’s a motorcycle rental place. If they decided they would just sell their bikes, well then they would run out of inventory, and they wouldn’t have a business. The truth is, you don’t need permanent, in fact you likely don’t even need long term tradelines. Plans don’t take that long to execute. All of our lines stay on a minimum of two-cycles, which is approximately two months. The only thing that takes longer than that is a home purchase. You can always extend an order for another two months (we also have 3 and 4-cycle lines), but if you can’t get it done in four months, it’s likely not going to happen, and you may need to rethink your plan.

What are Good Tradelines?


Are all tradelines created equal? One of the questions we get asked all the time is how much will a credit score get boosted with a tradeline? It’s not an easy question to answer because everyone has a unique situation based on the way they’ve used (or not used) credit up to that point in their lives. So if you’re asking “what are the best AU tradelines piggybacking” or some variation of that, the answer is always going to be, whichever tradeline is the best for your situation. Do you need history, do you need limit, or do you need some combination of both? Let’s take a look at the question everyone is wondering.


How to Get My Credit Score Above 800 Using Tradelines


Everyone wants an 800 (or better) credit score. This is how you get an 800 credit score, you get multiple different types of credit, installment and revolving, and you pay them perfectly, for years. Have we seen credit scores crack the 800 mark with tradelines? Yes we have, but it’s rare, and it depends on where you check the score. If it’s Credit Karma, then those scores are usually inflated since Credit Karma uses the Vantage Score model and for whatever reason it usually shows scores higher than what they are. But here’s the good news, if you’re at a 760, you will get the possible rates, the best approvals, for everything. So, perhaps a better search would be: how to use seasoned tradelines to get 700 scores. That is more realistic, and we regularly see tradelines boost scores up to and past that level. If you’re in the 700 range you’re going to get approvals, everywhere. And if you go from not being able to even get approvals to getting approvals across the board, then clearly tradelines were worth the price. So how do you do it?


How Can I Add a Tradeline


“Tradeline” is just a term for anything that shows on your credit report. A mortgage, a car loan, a credit card, all of these are tradelines. Mostly people mean AU tradelines when they say “tradeline,” and the easiest way to get them on your report is to pay a reputable company to put the data on your report for you. If you google “how to buy tradelines to boost credit score” you will find all kinds of results, craigslist and companies that offer the service. You want to make sure you can trust the people you’re buying from, so verify that they have a company that allows you to leave reviews. A business lives by its reputation. You won’t find anyone scamming people if customers can leave reviews. And how fast can you get this done?


How Can I Get a Tradeline Fast


We know you want to do things as fast as humanly possible, but is that because you really need to get something done asap, or because you want to get something done asap? The question is important, as sometimes, despite the reality of the situation, people just don’t want to hear the truth. Adding tradelines can be done fairly quickly, sometimes as fast as 10 days to two weeks. But if you need to clean up negatives, that will take a bit longer. Sometimes even several months. There are sometimes tradelines that post in 7 days, but those instances are dependent on a few factors, like what kind of tradeline it is, and what part of the week you are buying it.
Another question we get asked is if you can pay later, as in tradelines that you pay after they post. We do not have any of those. Think about the types of situations where you pay for a product after you receive it, and really it’s not very many: fancy restaurants, certain construction or home fix projects, where there is a certain amount of built in trust, and those are usually face to face. Tradelines are not sold face to face, so we have to take payment up front. But they are what you need if you want to get high limits. So if you’re asking “how can I get high tradelines in my name?” The answer is to get tradelines on your report that show the types of limits you want. Does this guarantee you will get approved for large limit loans and credit cards? No, but the chances are greatly improved.

Why are Tradelines Expensive?


So you’ve looked at your reports, you need a boost, you’ve heard about these things called tradelines that can boost your score quickly, and you are looking for tradelines posting soon, because why wait for something if you don’t have to? But you look on the internet and you see some tradelines, on craigslist or with a professional company like ours, and you see the price and you go…”What?! Good lord that’s a lotta money!” And you wonder, “Can’t I just go down to the trade line store and buy me a bargain line?”

Unfortunately not.



Guaranteed Tradelines are Not Very Common


We hear the same story over, and over, and over again. Someone paid someone else to put a tradeline on, it didn’t go on, and then that person disappeared. People rip people off all the time in this little niche market. It’s sad but true, so when you are dealing with a legitimate company that has actual guarantees, those guarantees cost money to put in place. Why? Lawyers. Guarantees don’t mean anything without contracts, and contracts get written by lawyers. There are inexpensive tradelines that work, but then that depends on your situation. If you have a blank file, then the cheapest possible tradeline will do wonders for you. But more often than not if you are looking for the best trade line to buy for your situation, it’s not going to be the cheapest. Though, there is a caveat to this. If you can get connected with someone who can properly clean the negatives off of your credit, you will benefit from cheap seasoned tradelines.


Large Tradelines Require Effort


The day of getting a giant limit approved right away are over. After 2008 the banks learned a bit of a lesson, and all institutions became more conservative. Think about it this way, when you open a tradeline, do you have to prove income when applying for a credit card the same way you do a mortgage loan? No, credit cards are stated-income loans, you just put in a number for income without having to provide any documentation. The application will say that the bank may ask about it, but they rarely if ever do–though if they do and you can’t prove it, you’ll lose that card, and perhaps your whole relationship with the institution if it goes beyond the card.

Large limits take work.

Someone who has a lot of money in the bank and makes a lot will get a decent limit, but even then they may only get 10k to start. It takes years of increases to build up to large limits.

Next is the history:

If you’re looking to purchase seasoned tradelines, it’s the “seasoned” part that costs money, because it takes time for that card to age, and nothing can speed up that process. That’s why when you put a twenty year old line on your report and get a massive jump, you are being rewarded for that cardholder’s diligent perfect payment history over a twenty year period. It is the high seasoned tradelines for sale that fetch the larger prices, because they aren’t take real effort to build.


Buying Tradelines Means Piggybacking on Credit


No one does anything for free these days, not when there’s a cash value to be made. The only piggybacking you’ll get for free credit wise is on family members’ or a (close) friend’s credit. So when you buy a tradeline, you are buying something that has a set cost in that the cardholder who adds you gets paid. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t find good package deals for trade lines, but even then you will still be paying two (or more) cardholders to add you to their cards. This is something you don’t need to get hung up on, as it’s just the price of getting what you’re after, because the truth is that tradelines give you the one thing that when it’s gone, it’s gone: time. Money comes and goes, but time does not. A tradeline can take six months, a year, or more, off the time it takes to accomplish your goals, and that is the number one reason why they cost what they do.

What is the Benefit of AU Tradelines?


So you’ve heard the rumors, being added as an authorized user to a credit card doesn’t actually help your score anymore. Well…shoot, that’s too bad, but wait a minute, what? Can you still be added as an authorized user onto someone’s card? Yes. Does that data go on your report? Yes. So…yeah. We at Boost Credit 101 don’t want to get political, but the fact is, saying AU’s don’t help your score is Fake News. It’s not like someone at a bank can take a look at your score and say, oh, but you have these AUs there, this is what your score would be without them. Nope. AU history is just as valid as it always was. There are whisperings that FICO 8 discounts the AU influence, but from what we’ve seen, it’s just not the case. You take a blank report and put a single AU on it, and it will cause the score to generate usually well into the 700’s. Does that mean there’s a difference between FICO (or real) score and tradeline credit score? No. They are the same thing.

Does that mean you can buy a house with just an AU tradeline or two on your report?

Maybe, but likely not.

Let’s think common sense, would you lend hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone based on a score they achieved by piggybacking off of someone else’s credit? That’s like letting someone into Harvard because they’re best friends with someone who gets straight A’s. This isn’t to discourage you. It’s an extreme example, but tradelines are best used intelligently, and that means sometimes, they aren’t used alone. You can, however, get approved for credit cards and auto loans with just AU tradelines. We’ve seen it. So, is that even within the letter of the law?


Can Buying Tradelines Help Your Credit and Are They Legal?


The first question, yes. The second question, yes, as long as you are using AU tradelines. Buying what are called “Primary tradelines” are illegal. To be very exact, the people who are selling them are breaking the law. This means that primaries, despite what you hear, are not the best tradelines to buy. The best way to get a primary: get approved for one yourself. Okay, so you are now convinced that AU tradelines are as good as primaries, right? Well, maybe not if a human is looking at them. If it’s a computer, it likely doesn’t matter, so where’s the best place to buy tradelines? Anywhere you can actually trust the seller. Does the seller have reviews you can check out, a contract, do they hold your money in escrow until the contract is complete? Those are the kinds of questions you want to ask. And always remember, the best tradelines are the trade lines that post, and post to your social security number, not a CPN?


So, What’s the Relationship Between a Credit Privacy Number and Tradeline?


A CPN is where you pay someone to generate a 9-digit number that you use in place of your social security number. It’s blank and if you put tradelines on you will get a great score. The problem with CPNs is that they are felonious. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that any number used for a loan that is not issued by the SS Administration is against the law. But besides that, you’ll never be able to get a house with a CPN, so it’s always better to post credit tradeline to a ssn.

The reason it’s always better to post to an SSN is that you may spend a fair amount of money on getting the CPN and putting tradelines on it, and most of the time, you’ll have a pretty credit score, but like a beautiful ship with no engine, it’s not really going to get you anywhere. The best way to look at it, to use an overused term, is: credit sweep, tradelines, and funding. A credit sweep is just a fancy phrase that means cleaning the negatives off. Once you clean the negatives from your SSN, you can add the tradelines, and then you’re ready to apply for funding.