18 Jan 2020

Buy Tradelines in 2020

First! What do AU Tradelines Do For Your Credit?

Lucky for you, if you mishandle a tradeline, you won’t saw off your foot or end up otherwise grievously wounded like you would with an improperly handled chainsaw. But, you could end up spending money on something you don’t get full value from.

When you purchase credit tradelines for sale, what you are doing is adding positive data to your reports with a desire that it will boost your credit. If you understand how credit works, there are six main categories that comprise your credit scores.

Those are: Payment History, Revolving Usage, Negative Data, Average Credit History, Total Accounts, and Inquiries.


This is the order from most impactful to least, so if you’re trying to boost credit across the board, what you need to do is see which of these areas you can improve by adding positive data.

Two of the categories, Inquiries and Negative Data, are not affected when you buy authorized user tradelines,

But! The other four are. Adding lines gives you the appearance that the limit of the line is available for your use. This can have a massive impact on your score, not to mention the perfect payment history of all our lines, the older it is (age of the line), the more perfect payment history shows up. Lengthening out your average history with authorized user trade lines has proven us over and over again to (and in most cases) have the most impact on your scores.

Each credit category has a certain threshold where, if you achieve it, you have reached the excellent status. For average history, it is 7 years. If you use lines to get that average, that’s 1 out of 6 that is at the best it can be (or better, with over 7 years average).

Second! How Does Our Program Work. Do We Only Have Authorized Users For Sale?

“How does your program work?”
This is the most common question we get. Some people know how lines work, but many, many do not. And you might be asking, if they are so great, how come everyone doesn’t use them?

Well, tradelines are kind of a secret. You will never see them spoken of in the mainstream media. We’ve even seen where banks will say something to the effect of “Adding someone as an AU doesn’t do anything for the credit,” and this is just straight lying. Banks don’t love it, but the truth is they can’t stop it, and it most definitely affects credit scores.

Purchasing aged tradelines for sale is the fastest way to get your scores up.

The banks don’t like businesses like ours because they don’t get a percentage of us utilizing credit card data to help people out. But they love having people add other people as authorized users to their cards.

Know why?

Because the more AUs a person has, the higher the likelihood that person’s card will keep a balance and they will get interest payment revenue. The average household in the U.S. has just over $16,000 in credit card debt.
Every single credit card that someone adds an AU to is another chance for that household to get up to that average. So when one of our cardholders adds you to even our cheapest tradelines, as in low limit (think $2,000), the bank thinks they are potentially adding to their bottom line.

But leaving that behind, what do we do? We will first ask to see your credit. We want to see if you should even be thinking of credit lines for sale, or if you have other work to do before purchasing.

We turn away thousands of dollars in weekly sales because we don’t want to sell you something that won’t help you out. We will tell you not to purchase if you need to remove negative data.

Good news though: we have a wonderful referral for you if you need this.

So before you ask if we have cheap tradelines for sale, let’s first make sure you will potentially receive the benefit you are looking for.

If you do not need negatives cleaned, then you may be in a perfect position to utilize tradelines.

Lastly, a note on price: if you are looking for tradelines under $100, we would ask you to re-evaluate your budget. We have them around twice that amount, but with the cheapest options, unless you have a blank report, you may not get the results you’re after.