05 Mar 2019

Can Adding Tradelines of Credit Really Help Me As Much As I Need?


When it comes right down do it, what you believe will have a large, infinitely so, impact on the direction life takes. A lot of people call and ask if we have seasoned tradelines for sale  and wondering what the boost will be when they purchase them.Those are the rare ones. Most people think that buying a tradeline gives them a magical jump of 150 (or more) points on their reports no matter what is on there already. But if you want to look into adding tradelines for sale on your credit report it’s best to know what you can expect. We won’t dispute that belief is a powerful thing.

Back in the late 50’s, a UCLA paper published the story about “Mr. Wright,” who had tumors the size of medium sized fruit in his neck, groin, and armpits. Everyone gave up hope, but then Mr. Wright’s doctor discovered that their hospital was one of ten nationwide that was taking part in an experimental cancer treatment called Krebiozen. The doc gave it to Mr. Wright the medication on a Friday, by Monday the tumors were nearly gone. Two months later the media reported that the ten trials showed the drug as ineffective, and the cancer returned. The doctor, believing Mr. Wright had experienced the placebo effect, told him that the Krebiozen he had been given was part of a bad batch, and invited him in to try the better, new Krebiozen. Mr. Wright did (he received an injection of distilled water), and the cancer disappeared. He did well for two months, but then the AMA came out and said Krebiozen was indeed no good, in fact it’s producers were indicted. Mr. Wright came back to the hospital and was dead two days later.

Now, having cancer is far, far different from putting a tradeline of credit on your reports, but this story does illustrate how powerful the mind is. So, if you buy a tradeline and believe, as Mr. Wright did, in the miracle of the boost, will you get as big of a jump?

How much does adding a trade line credit boost my score?

If you have a complete disaster of a credit report, excessive inquiries, collections, overusage on your credit cards (think 100+% utilization), missed payments, and perhaps other nasty things we aren’t mentioning, then coming in to buy trade lines will do about as much good as throwing a cup of water on blazing house. But, we’re sure you aren’t in this scenario, and even if you are, there are ways out. The road to credit hell can be a gentle, or quick if you go hogwild with your credit cards, road. The road out is just as gradual. Start paying down those credit cards, let those missed payments fade a bit into the past, and the inquiries will follow suit (after a year the inquiries have no effect on your credit, and should drop off after two years). But, if you are on the hunt for better credit and are looking into buying trade lines, well then of course you want to know what you’re buying, right? But this is where it gets a bit complicated. No one can tell you how much the scores will jump, because the only ones that know, are the Fair Isaac Corporation. Even getting the best tradelines for sale are impossible to predict. Even if you were to go to the very best (you might think) source, the corporation of tradelines, and type in “trade lines inc” you’ll only get a company that specializes in textiles, not trade lines. We have seen jumps up to 150 points. We’ve even seen one over 200 points in on special case, but you have to realize that the farther down your score is, the further it will jump. If you come to us with a 690 and expect a 150 point jump–we are always getting requests to put scores at 800–you may want to temper your expectations. We will have a good idea of where your score will get to, but we have to look at the reports, which means, you have to ask us.