16 Aug 2019

Can You Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report Yourself?

Tradelines, those magical things that can turn your lowdown, slimy frog of a credit score into a princely number worthy of the best rates on whatever it is you would want to get lending on. But how do you get them? Are you trying to find out how to add tradelines to your credit report yourself, or are you well in your search and believe you must pay to add tradelines to your report? First off, can you add them yourself? Not really, not unless you get approved for cards in your name. That is the only way you can add them yourself. If you have a friend or a relative or a spouse who has a credit card, can they add you? Yes, they can, but you want to be very careful with this. Most people with credit cards use them fairly frequently, so you run the risk at any time of that tradeline being overutilized, which can drop your credit faster than a torpedo impacting on a submarine at depth, and if there is a single missed payment on that card? Same thing. Is it brand new? For example:

Same thing. New accounts lessen your average history, the lower your average history, the lower your scores. If you only have a few accounts open, then you’re back being the aforementioned submarine and its torpedo nemesis.

But, we have good news, we can tell you how to add tradelines yourself to your credit report. And that is to get with a company you can trust that has contracts in place with people who rent out their credit history. Because let’s face it, can you trust your friends, your family, your spouse? Sure, we hope so at least, but even people we trust and love make mistakes, and those mistakes can cost us. What is more trustworthy is people who handle business, and nobody is more motivated to keep things straight than people who get paid for it. We cover this all the time, but companies with tradelines for sale are really the best way to add data to your report that doesn’t actually belong to you, but which kind of tradelines should you add? Some companies have primary lines, with mortgage tradelines, auto tradelines for sale, things like that, but those companies are engaging in fraud. It is not legal to take someone else’s debt and say that it belongs to you.

The only legal way to add credit to your report is with authorized user tradelines. These are the tradelines we utilize and have had success with for over five years now. We have customers that have gotten mortgages, bought cars, achieved high limit credit credit cards on their first applications. Are these results rare? They are not. If you have a solid game plan with tradelines you can achieve similar results, and having a solid game plan starts with realizing what it is exactly that tradelines can do.

When you apply for credit there are two factors: your credit score, and your income. If you have a perfect 800 score but make $10,000 a year, you likely won’t be buying a home or a car any time soon. If you make $95,000 a year but have a 450 credit score across all three bureaus, you won’t be getting any approvals either. The income part is up to you, but the credit part we can help with.

The first thing to do is to prepare your reports for the tradelines. Have you ever seen an Olympic runner before a race? What are they doing? Are they sitting still drinking milk and eating cookies? No, they are stretching, they are warming up. Preparation is a huge part of doing anything right, and so must your reports be prepared for the tradelines. This means cleaning the negatives off, and when that is done, the reports are ready for tradelines to be added. Once the tradelines go on, your scores will rocket up if you’ve done everything right. We see jumps of over 150 points at times. Are those common? Perhaps not exceptionally so, but the lower the scores, the more room they have to jump.

Anything above a 760 does not matter for getting the best rates.

These are scores that everyone would want, but unless you want to brag to your friends at the bar, or you are trying to boast to that girl or boy you’re trying to impress, above 760 won’t be anything but bragging rights. And…just in case you’re wondering how to get that score, because we get people who tell us they want an 800 (or better) score all the time, you get it by paying multiple different types of credit perfectly for years and years, and years. So, if you aren’t on that path, best to start out now.