12 Apr 2019

Certainty and Renting Tradelines


If I buy a tradeline, how much will my score go up? If I buy tradelines, can I get a loan for [X] amount? If I buy a tradeline with 20k limit, can I get a credit card with that limit? These are the types of questions we get every day. The problem…is that the questions assume a guarantee. If you call a tradeline company and they say, “Sure, absolutely, you will get exactly what you’re looking for if you buy tradelines with us!” then you are about to be the victim of a tradeline scam.

Let us put it this way: you need a college degree to get a job. You (hopefully) know what field you want to go into as a freshman (because we all know who we are at eighteen and what we want to do with our lives, right?), so you pick a general category: political science, business, biology, etc, and then you spend four years and a lot of money to get that degree. Are you guaranteed a job? No. You are not, but you need that degree, don’t you? Tradelines are much the same. There are no black tradelines for sale that give you a magic approval no matter where you go. Real tradelines offer the possibility of a door opening, but there are far too many variables to contend with for anyone to guarantee approvals at lending institutions.

So, Do Seasoned Tradelines Work?


On our homepage it says very clearly that our work is guaranteed, but that does not mean we guarantee you will get all the approvals you are after, your dreams will come true, and you get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by signing on the dotted line of our contract, because the truth is you can put on huge tradelines, like $50k+ and you may not even get an approval, or at least not the one you wanted. Why? Too many factors to say, maybe your income doesn’t justify the type of loan you are after, maybe that institution doesn’t give out that high of a loan, maybe you got unlucky. There’s always somewhere else. We’ve seen people find lenders that give loans that approve you with one tradeline. There is no one-size-fits-all type of tradeline, which leads us too…

What are the Most Reliable Tradelines?


Now we get into the weeds a bit, as there are different types of tradelines. One of the questions we always get is, do you have primary tradelines? We do not, as we consider those unreliable, as they are not legal. You can likely find a company that has season trade lines for sale, and you may get one without consequences, but that is financial fraud, and you’re playing with fire. But what if you need a certain type of history to get approved for that type of loan? Do you need to buy auto tradelines if you want to get an auto loan? Again, these are primary, and a form of fraud. If you are at a dealership and they say you need auto loan history to get an auto loan, this likely means you are after a bit too much car for your situation. We had a client recently tell us that she wanted to get a motorcycle, a gift for her father even, but the Harley dealership said she wouldn’t be able to get the bike she wanted if she didn’t have auto loan history. She was eligible for their starter-bike program, but not the bike she was after. She still wanted to get tradelines, because you have to start somewhere.

And finally, we get this question a lot: do you sell permanent tradelines? The answer is no. Let’s go back to the motorcycles, and instead of a dealership, it’s a motorcycle rental place. If they decided they would just sell their bikes, well then they would run out of inventory, and they wouldn’t have a business. The truth is, you don’t need permanent, in fact you likely don’t even need long term tradelines. Plans don’t take that long to execute. All of our lines stay on a minimum of two-cycles, which is approximately two months. The only thing that takes longer than that is a home purchase. You can always extend an order for another two months (we also have 3 and 4-cycle lines), but if you can’t get it done in four months, it’s likely not going to happen, and you may need to rethink your plan.