16 Sep 2019

Do I Have to Break the Bank When I Buy Authorized User Tradelines?


Everyone is always looking for a great deal. There’s something really satisfying about not paying full price when all the other suckers do. Right? Discounts are the way to go, SALES, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, End of the Season, etc. If you’re trying to get tradelines for sale, the most important thing to know is your budget. How much are you willing to spend? What do you get if you say “Money is no object?” vs “I need to buy cheap tradelines.” 


Note: If you say “What’s your cheapest tradeline?” it’s a dead giveaway that you aren’t too concerned with actually getting your credit fixed.


Okay, so there’s a range of prices, but what are you getting at the extremes: expensive vs. cheap?


Cheap Tradelines


There’s a very famous capitalistic saying, “You get what you pay for.” Now, with tradelines, this is usually quite true. In a real-world scenario, if a person has a fair number of accounts: auto loans, mortgages, student loans, credit cards…that creates a lot of history. The more accounts you have, the harder it is to raise the average history (a major factor in your overall score). 

Let’s say we add our (currently) cheapest line:


A $2.5K TD Bank with 2 years 6 months


Example: 10 open accounts, average history 3.5 years.

For a little quick math, to show how the average is produced, we take 3.5 X 10 = 35.

There are 35 years of total history with all those open accounts added together. 

The average is figured by dividing that total number of years, with the number of accounts, which gives us 3.5 years.


So let’s take that TD Bank and add it to this profile. 35 + 2.6 = 37.6 total years now, then 37.6 ÷ 11 (now we need to add in the extra account) = 3.42


In this example, the TD Bank actually lowered the average history.



But…that doesn’t mean cheap tradelines for sale are never a good idea! 


If we take that same line, and put it on a blank profile, then the average history, usage, and payment history of that TD Bank becomes those categories. So: 


Average history: 2.6 years

Utilization: whatever is on the line, let’s say $5, so .002%

Payment History: Perfect


On a blank profile, this card will generate very good scores.


So, we see that you don’t always want to buy tradelines cheap, but there are great scenarios where they are warranted: blank credit profiles, profiles with very young average history, profiles with only a few new accounts, etc


Expensive Tradelines – Best Tradelines for Sale?


Just because a tradeline is very expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you

We get people asking all the time, “What is the line that will give me the best score?” 

If you put the most expensive line on, you will get the best results, but that doesn’t mean you need that line. Adding Authorized User Trade lines is not an exact science. 

That said, if you put the biggest history we have (currently a 42 year old line), then your history will be very impacted. 


If money really were no object, and your goal was BOOST CREDIT SCORE NOW! This line would be the best. But in most cases, it’s overkill. You only need an average history of 7 years to be in the excellent range.


Conclusion: Credit Tradelines For Sale = Unique Opportunity Dependent on Individual


Your credit report is as unique as you are. It’s your financial DNA. If you’ve been alive for a bit, you could probably look at your reports and smile (or grimace) at the memories it brings up. 

We always offer to look at your reports to tell you what is best for you. Will that mean tradelines for cheap




It also depends on how badly you want to get great credit. If you go the traditional routes, it may take a fair bit, 6 months to a year, or longer, to get those great scores. Authorized user accounts for sale give you that one thing no one can ever really sell you: time. 


If you need more than a single line, then your budget should be somewhere between $600-$1500. If you need just one, then you could be looking in the under $500 range. How much is getting what you want done, and quickly…worth to you?