28 Aug 2019

Do I Need Tradelines to Get an 800 Credit Score?


Everyone wants an 800 score. We get calls every day with people saying they want to be at 800.

We always try to be polite.

But the truth is, 800 credit scores are for people who pay their credit perfectly, for a long time (think years), on all the various types–revolving (credit cards, HELOCs, installment (student loans, mortgage, auto loans, etc)–and they likely have a lot of those types. 

But…here’s some good news, you won’t get any better rates at 800 than you will at 760. 760 is considered an elite score, and once you reach it, you get no benefit from going beyond it.

This is like in the movie “Armageddon”–Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck…very cheesy, but very entertaining–where a crew of oil drillers and astronauts must dig to 800 feet in order to detonate a bomb to blow up a giant asteroid hurtling toward Earth. They need to get to 800, but anything beyond is unnecessary. 

Think of your credit as that 800 feet mark, but, you only need to reach 760.

So, for that 760, do you need to add tradelines

And the answer is…maybe.


Who Should Buy Authorized User Tradelines?


Everyone. Okay just kidding. 

Here is who should not buy them: anyone with excessive negative marks (collections, chargeoffs, etc), huge amounts of inquiries, overutilized cards, loans/lines with very recent missed payments, or currently late accounts.

Do any of these apply to you? Then you should not buy authorized user trade lines

The good news: most of these are fixable. If you’re late on anything, get current. 

That should be your NUMBER ONE priority. 

Negatives can be cleaned–and we highly recommend going the professional route for this, as paying off a collection usually means it stays on there, paid, but still there, like an unsightly scar. It’s healed, but it looks funky (and does affect your credit).

Adding au tradelines has taken on this mythical role of automatically boosting scores by 100-150 or more points. It doesn’t work like that. 


How Does Adding Authorized User Trade Lines Help Your Score?


There are all kinds of graphs, sites, and blogs dedicated to how your FICO score is calculated, but in actuality we only have a vague clue. FICO algorithms are like that BBQ sauce you love. You can likely pick out most of the ingredients, but there are things in there the chef will never reveal. 

Where do you think the term “secret sauce” comes from?

FICO is the secret sauce of the credit industry.


That said, here’s a brief breakdown:

Payment History: 35%

Revolving Utilization: 30%

Credit Age: 15%

New Activity (inquiries): 15%

Credit Mix: 10%


If you’re thinking of buying authorized user tradelines, this is where you want to pay attention. Those first two categories make up 65%, nearly s of your score. That is mainly related to credit cards–if you’re late on your auto loan or mortgage then you have other issues needing addressed–and credit card data is exactly what you get when you buy au tradelines

The people who should buy this data are those looking to start building their credit (new/wiped profiles), and people with none of the major issues affecting their credit who need a boost. 


Where Can You Find These Authorized User Accounts for Sale?


Right here. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? Or maybe you got linked to this article because it is so amazing. Either way, right here. You do not want to go looking Craigslist for personal tradelines for sale


You want to find a reputable company. What makes us/them reputable? 

They have the ability to leave reviews. 

They have contracts. 

They keep your money in an escrow account until the contract is completed. 

They let you know what is guaranteed.

They don’t promise the moon.


This last one is important. You may find people or “companies” that offer tradelines under $100. But that should raise all kinds of red flags. You might find someone who knows someone who will add you to their credit cards, but companies do not charge these kinds of prices. 

There are commissions, advertising, website fees…all the costs of a business. Anyone offering an authorized user for sale for that cheap is a scammer unless you know otherwise.