12 Nov 2018

How You Can Quickly Improve Your Credit Score with Tradelines

How You Can Quickly Improve Your Credit Score with Tradelines

How You Can Quickly Improve Your Credit Score with Tradelines

Let’s see if this scenario sounds familiar. You haven’t looked at your credit for quite some time, and like getting a test you really don’t want to see the score to, you avoid it, hoping that by ignoring it, it will either go away or not matter, but as in all little problems, if you ignore them too long, they can become monsters that hinder your life. Check out our Tradelines for Sale to help improve your score. There are all sorts of resources online that tell you how to improve credit scores, but the question is how do you know which ones work, and how do you know which ones will work for you? Should you pay someone that has a business in how to improve credit scores, or do it yourself? In our experience, it’s the companies (like ourselves) who don’t charge you money to get a consultation that should be considered first. But if you’re asking yourself who can help improve my credit score, the best answer is always, you, and if not you, then someone you can trust. But how do you know who you can trust?

There are many companies out there who sell tradelines, many companies who will say they can remove negatives. All of these companies will be happy to take your money, but in our experience, the best way to see if a company is trustworthy is through a combination of reviews (do they have any?) and if they have contracts in place, and if so, is it an enforceable contract? Do they entice you with rainbow gold stories of how fast can your credit score improve? Anyone who says they can do it in a day or two is either onto something completely new that hasn’t been seen before, or they are lying. It is always our motto: be careful who you do business with. Promising the moon is one thing, promising that and taking your money is another, and that is an experience we see people run into often in the credit repair industry. So to the question: how quickly does credit score improve, anyone who is being realistic will give you a timeline of somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks, on average, though at times it can be done in as fast 10 days, and in rare cases, a few days quicker than this, but this requires a sort of “stars aligning” scenario.

But that should always be the question you ask first: how fast can your credit score improve? In this day and age where things are at our fingertips at a moment’s notice, where we can get things as fast as we can type, if you have a poor credit score, don’t you want to get it improved as soon as possible? Sometimes it is a fast process, and we can show people how to improve credit score quickly, but more often it is a matter of being realistic, and having patience in order to get it done the right way. Though if you have done the work, removed the negatives, or if you have a blank report from lack of use or being young, then adding a tradeline can cut a lot of time off your credit building journey. The standard time for getting a good score can be as long as 6 months to a year or more. Adding a tradeline can accomplish a great score in as little as two weeks!

Best and Fastest Way to Improve Credit Score

Perhaps the first thing you’re asking is: are they any shortcuts? Are there any tricks to improve credit score that we can impart? The answer to that, of course, is yes. But the first step is, as with most things, starting at the beginning, and that is knowing where exactly your credit scores sit, so we would recommend getting a login set up with Credit Karma. Is it the best site available? Not entirely, but it’s free, updates every 7 days, and offers the ability to see ⅔ of the 3 reports, Trans Union and Equifax. If you’re looking for how to improve credit score fast, this is the first step, know what you need to do.

If you require negatives to be cleaned off, we can help with that. This part of the process takes the longest, and some companies may offer you a CPN or other secondary credit number to use in lieu of your Social Security number.

These should be avoided, as they are selling you something that 9 times out of 10 will lead you to spending money on something that does not benefit you. You will have a great credit score on a number that you’ll have no idea if it’s created from thin air, or stolen from someone else, as they sometimes are from younger people.

If you have currently late, or very recently late, accounts, then you will need to get current, and if very recently missed payments, depending on what type of accounts they are, you may need to be patient while a bit of time goes by. If neither of these applies to you, then there are ways to improve credit score fast, and that will usually mean adding tradelines. Now you’re probably asking, how fast, exactly are we talking about. We have a guarantee that all our tradelines will post within 60 days, but you can improve credit score in 30 days, and as mentioned above, sometimes in as fast in as two weeks. Usually we say the average is two weeks, but it can be anywhere from 10-21 days.

Now, you may be wondering, are there simple ways to improve your score that don’t require anything too complicated? Yes. Credit is fairly simple once you see how it works. There are categories that contribute to your scores, including credit utilization, age of credit, number of accounts, negative marks, and inquiries. Having even one of these in sub-optimal ranges will lead to a bad credit score. At Boost Credit 101, we always offer you the option of a free consultation, so if you do get a login to Credit Karma or another site, or have access to your full report, and you don’t know what you’re looking at, we will always take the time to explain things, so in that sense you don’t have to pay to improve credit score. If you do decide to purchase tradelines from us, and they are a good fit–we will never sell you something that we don’t believe you will benefit from–then you may be able to improve your credit score by 100 points, or more!

I’ve got a tradeline, now what?

If you’ve taken care of everything and cleaned your credit reports, and now you’ve added a tradeline which is one of the easy ways to improve credit score, what do you do now with your great score? The best thing to do is to set yourself up for success in the future. A lot of people have their dreams of owning a home, purchasing that shiny car, and these are great goals to have, but those types of loans are installment loans. They have a set number of payments. They can’t be abused. It’s good to have them for different variety of credit, and adding to your total number of account–not to mention giving you a place to live and a way to get around–but if you want long-term success, you should think about getting a credit card to improve credit score. Getting approved for a credit card, and the best cases at least two, utilizing them monthly while paying off the balance, and at the very least keeping them consistently below a 10% utilization, this is the number one way to improve credit score.


Tradelines are the number one tool in boosting credit quickly. Traditional methods will not yield results even close to as quickly, and they remain one of the number one ways to improve credit score. When doing business with any company that sells them, and there are many, many to choose from, you will be navigating a potential minefield, so your best question to see if who you are talking to is legitimate: how quickly does credit improve with their services? Anyone who says they’ll do it cheaply and quickly (quicker than a week) should be approached very cautiously. Asking how does it take to improve credit score is your go-to barometer for discovering if someone is full of the proverbial cow dung. And a lot of people, either on Craigslist or even legitimate companies that sell these tradelines, should have google reviews, contracts in place, take the time to explain to you how their products will help you, what you can do with them, and make sure you understand fully what they guarantee, as anyone saying they are sure, or even going so far as to guarantee loans, or approvals, is trying to get your money based on enticing you with your own hopes and desires.