13 Mar 2019

How Fast Can It Work? How Can I Boost My Credit Score Fast?


We live in an age of absolute instant gratification for pretty much any need under the sun you can think up. Your tongue has 10,000 taste buds. They get replaced every two weeks. They can taste five different flavors: sweet, bitter, salty, sour, and umami. Umami!? Umami. That’s the flavor in parmesan cheese, mushrooms, seawead…elemental flavors that bring mythology to life on your tongue. We bring this up because taste is just one sense, and see how varied that is. There are four more that we humans have explored and refined to art, leading to infinite variations on pleasure, and you can have it as fast as you want, hence: instant gratification. So when we get people asking us “how fast can my credit score improve?” we know that the expected response is: right damn now. Right? And if it’s not, well you’ll take a shortcut, go somewhere else, because if we don’t say what you want to hear, then you’ll find someone who will, and deliver. This is America! When you ask “how fast can I improve credit score” there must be someone out there who can do it quickly, beyond quickly. After all, if you want something sweet, you can go to a grocery store or gas station and scarf candy bars within minutes! If you want umami, you can get a pack of dried seaweed from the health food store, also within minutes. If you can’t raise your score within minutes…well, what the heck is going on? Well, the truth is, some things, good things, take time. Do you want a six pack? As in abs? It depends on your starting point. If you’re forty pounds overweight and sedentary, it could take a year, or more. If you’re an athlete, you could change your diet and see the results you want in a month or a few weeks.


None of us start out the same with credit, like none of us start the same with fitness. So the answer to how can I repair my credit score fast is relative to your situation. Do you have multiple collections and late payments and chargeoffs and overutilized accounts? Then you may be looking at several months or longer before you can get to where you want. Do you have a blank report? Then you’re likely looking at a few weeks, and in some cases a few days.

How much of a Boost are we talking? I need to raise my credit score 100 points

Other than the question How do I raise my credit score fast? The most common question we get asked is how much of a boost will you see? People want dramatic shifts. They want to see their sub-par credit go from the low 500’s, or 400’s on up well past 700. People always say they want a 100 point jump. Why 100? Because that sounds good. If someone asked you how much money would you want if they were giving it away for free, do you want a million dollars? No. You want 100 million dollars. There’s a reason why “it’s all about the Benjamins,” because the number 100 represents good things. So why not ask for a 100 point jump? But seriously, with tradelines, how fast can you raise your score 100 points? Let’s get something out of the way. At Boost Credit 101, we can’t guarantee a particular score, or a particular jump, but we know what we’re doing, and we won’t sell you tradelines if we don’t expect good results. 100 points? Sure, maybe more, maybe a lot more, but again, it’s situation dependant. It’s good to reframe here, instead of asking for specifics on your score, which we can’t predict, perhaps ask how can I raise my credit score? Perhaps it’s removing negatives. Perhaps it’s paying down some balances. Perhaps it’s just letting a bit of time go by for inquiries and late payments to fade into the past. Perhaps it’s adding tradelines. Asking “how can I fix my credit score?” is better than “how much of a boost will I get?” Asking that is like calling a doctor and saying “My back hurts what’s wrong with me?” The doctor needs more data. We need more data. We need to know your time frames, we need to know your goals, and above all, we need to see what’s on your reports. Asking “How can I make my credit score go up” is always the best conversation starter. If we get the data, perhaps even from a conversation–though we will need to see your reports eventually to give you specific advice–we can tell you. How fast? Sometimes as fast as a few days. That’s not umami fast, but it’s still pretty fast.