13 May 2019

How Fast My Credit Score Can Be Improved?


This is what everyone wants to know, but it’s never a simple answer. There is no one-size-fits all solution to anyone’s credit issues. And this is why: go look in the mirror. Does anyone else have your face? Unless you’re starring in a Mission Impossible movie, the answer is “no.” Okay, we won’t be too smart alecky. So, generally, how fast can credit score rise? Credit score can rise quickly, in a few days at the fastest, and several months, if not longer, at the longest. Understanding how fast you can raise it comes down to how much you understand about credit.

How Can I Help My Credit Score?


First step is knowing what affects your score. It’s similar to if you want to lose weight. You must understand nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc, and how that applies to your particular situation. There are plenty of people on youtube or in magazines (if anyone still reads those) that have their “How I lost 100 pounds in X amount of time” stories, but the problem is, you will never see a video “how I raised my credit score” or similar equivalent. Why is that? Plenty of people have bad credit, and plenty of people have gotten their scores in better shape. The reason those videos don’t exist is because people are afraid, or ashamed, to admit they have bad credit. Bad credit is a secret, unseeable situation, while being overweight isn’t so easily hidden.


So, like knowing how to lose weight, you need to know how to raise credit. You raise your credit by removing negative data and/or adding positive data. It’s that simple. Negatives are things like collections, public records, and charge-offs. So if you’re asking “how can I raise my credit score quickly?” Which one of the two, adding positives, or removing negatives, do you need?

Raise My Credit Score 100 Points?


If you have your own positive data, loans (i.e. student, car, mortgage, credit cards) and they are in good standing but you have a few collections on your reports, then by taking them off you may see a quick boost of 100 points or more. Removing negatives can be quick, but most of the time it is not an immediate process, and may take 45 days to several months.

Be wary of companies that charge you a monthly fee to work on your credit, as it’s best for their business if they take their time.

If you also need positive data in addition to removing negatives, then you are looking at adding tradelines.

When Purchasing a Tradeline, What Should I Look For?


Ah yes, tradelines, that wild west portion of the financial sector. No other product can give you results so quickly. Not many products have as many rip-off artists either. The problem with tradelines, they are unregulated, so when you buy one, you’ll want to make sure you trust the business you buy from. You may be tempted to go after the low cost tradelines, and you can find them, but be careful that low cost doesn’t translate to “too good to be true.” For instance, if you’re looking to keep the price down, that will likely mean the lines are not very old, and not very big. So when you see someone advertising low cost seasoned tradelines, that should raise a red flag. It’s the longer time on the tradelines that make them worth more, so very cheap ones are rare.

Can You Buy Tradelines You Can Use?


We get this question sometimes. Do we sell tradelines that people can utilize the limits on? The simple answer is no. But why? Well, let us ask you a question, would you go out on the street and hand your credit card over to a stranger for a fee? Let’s say you have a 10k limit, would you let someone use that for a few hundred dollars? No, you wouldn’t. When someone becomes an Authorized User, the responsibility of paying is entirely on the primary cardholder legally, which is why people are generally very careful about who gets to be an AU. Just like there are no permanent seasoned tradelines, there are none that you can purchase and have access to their limit.