10 Mar 2019

How Hard is Adding a Tradeline to Credit Report?


The best way to get tradelines is to get them yourself. Let’s play the fantasy game. Do you dream of going to the American Express site and applying for the best possible card they offer and getting approved for thirty grand? Hey, it could happen. But if you have that ability, you’ve probably stumbled onto this site by accident and we probably want to talk to you about how to add people to your tradeline so you can get paid. Here’s where you might be thinking, someone who has that kind of credit profile and income doesn’t need to get paid to add tradelines. Really? When’s the last time you turned down money? Even if you have millions, you can always benefit from more money, more streams of income, unless you’re a billionaire, in that case quit being such a greedy miser and do some charity work.

If you can’t get approved for your own tradelines, well, you can ask a family member, or a close friend, but then you always run the risk of a missed payment on there (which like a cavity in a tooth, ruins it), or high utilization (also negates positive effects and can actually hurt). The best way to get them is to buy tradelines online. Oh, that’s scary though. Right? It can be. The tradeline business is the wild west of lending. It is not something you will ever, ever hear about talking with anyone in the financial industry, not unless it’s a lender who whispers something to you, or passes you a note that says “adding tradelines to credit report” in response to “What Can I Do?” when you don’t have the scores you need. And at that point you might ask what that even means, but it’s just a fancy way of saying adding positive data to your credit reports, though, in pretty much all circles, not just any tradeline will do. No, you need to be adding seasoned tradelines to credit report if you want to see the results you’re after. It’s a bit of a secret because, well, the companies that sell them don’t really want to be too well known, because, frankly, it’s taking advantage of a loophole in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It isn’t illegal, but the less the major lending institutions know about it the better. They won’t be making changes any time soon, as adding Authorised Users means higher likelihood of more revenue from interest payments. As it is you can see jumps of hundreds of points (not the norm, but not exactly rare as a four-leaf clover either), and this is why adding tradelines to credit reports is worth hundreds, thousands, of dollars. Now, the big question.

How fast can you add a tradeline to your report?

We get this question all the time, and more often we get this one: what’s the fastest posting tradeline you have? People need things done right now, right? No, they don’t. That’s just the culture we’ve come to inhabit. Blame Amazon. Two days to get your stuff if you’re a Prime member? Wow, but now even that is not enough. There’s talk of one day, same day, one-hour delivery. Does this mean you can see tradelines added to credit report 48 hours or sooner? Not too likely, but it is possible if the stars align just right, but it’s not something that should be expected. Normal time for a tradeline is 10-14 days, so we usually say it’s two weeks on average. So, how do you do it?

How to buy tradeline

Usually this will entail you doing a bit of research online to find a company with good reviews and a prominent web presence so you know they are legitimate. The best is if you know someone who has done business with them already. We regularly get people calling us saying so and so referred them. If you’re looking into how to buy seasoned tradelines it’s always better to speak to someone who’s done it first. That way you have a much better idea of what you’re getting into. Being first is sometimes alright, but that’s why the google review system was invented. If you’re looking into how to buy cheap tradelines, or looking into how to buy tradelines at all, then it’s always best to consult those who have come before.