08 Mar 2019

How to Not Waste Anyone’s Time with Tradelines


We get a lot of phone calls from people about credit tradelines for sale. Many people ask the same questions, over, and over, and over again. We don’t mind answering the same questions, but the first thing anyone can do is to learn the right questions to ask. The most common questions we get are: how much does this cost, and how much of a boost will I get? One these questions we can answer, because we know our prices, but we don’t know what the cost is for a person unless they know exactly what they want. The second question, how much will the credit jump, is impossible to answer, because we are not the Fair Isaac Corporation. When it comes to tradeline credit for sale, unfortunately all we can do is give our best guess. This might seem very annoying, but the truth is, what in life is really ever guaranteed? Why do you think they have waivers, for everything, these days? Well, lawyers, for one, but businesses need to make sure people are aware, there isn’t much in life that’s certain. What’s the saying, the only things that are, are death and taxes? You want to invest money? There’s no such thing as a guaranteed return. They put people in jail (ahem, Bernie Madoff) for that kind of thing. You need a medical operation? You’ll be signing on the dotted line over and over again before they let you in the operating room. But, fear not, when it comes to offering credit card tradelines for sale, we have become pretty good guessers. But asking the right questions is always the first step.

What kind of questions should you ask?

Asking us how much it costs is a dead giveaway that you aren’t sure what you’re after, because usually this means you’re looking for the cheapest option, and if you’re looking for the cheapest option, usually that means you get what you pay for, unless you have a blank credit report. In that case the cheapest tradelines credit for sale may do the job just fine. A better question to ask is: how can you help me? This let’s us know you have an open mind, and aren’t just shopping around for the cheapest possible option. And this also shows us that you just might listen, when we let you know that every single case is different, and revolving credit tradelines for sale are not a once-size-fits-all solution. Do you need history? Limit? A mixture of both? It is usually that simple. Sometimes one tradeline will do it, and sometimes it requires more than one, or even three.

Another great question to ask is: how long do they stay on your credit? This is when we will ask you what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Most people just think adding age tradelines for sale with high credit limit is all they need, but how long they stay on will depend on their goals. Are you trying to get a credit card, an auto loan, another type of loan like business, consolidation? These types of lending only take an application and you’ll know fairly quickly, usually immediately, so our minimum time on the credit (2 cycles, 50-50 days) is usually sufficient. If you are trying to get a mortgage, then the time frame becomes much more complicated. What kind of market are you in, do you have a place picked out, or are you trying to get your credit up for a pre-qualification letter so you can go looking? If that’s the case you’ll need the lines on for longer. It’s not good when your credit drops in the middle of the loan process. Which leads us to the biggest question of all. How do you get one of these?

How to get a tradeline

We have a fairly simple, streamlined process. We just need to get you our contract (which is available on our site and is part of the ordering process), collect payment, and get your data. That’s if you know exactly what you want. The bottom line in all of this is that we want to have a conversation with you. Ordering tradelines is not like ordering food, where you know what you want and pay someone to give it to you. Tradelines are far more complex.