29 Apr 2019

I Need to Buy a Tradeline, But I’m Not Sure What to Do With It


So you are in a position where you know that you need to increase your credit scores, and you’ve heard of these things called tradelines, that they can help, but you’re not sure what to do once you get them. Fear not, as we are here to lessen the mystique of these powerful credit tools, but when it comes right down to it, we can’t truly tell you how to use trade lines, and here’s why: tradelines are a utilitarian product that help you accomplish a lending goal, but we as a company can’t really give you ironclad steps to take once you get them, because there are far too many factors involved. If you look for tradelines for sale to increase credit score, then you’ve taken a step in the right direction, and tradelines can help you get the score you need for the approvals you want, but once you get that score, there are far too many lenders out there for us to be able to give you a bulletproof plan to get approvals. Okay, so there’s no sure thing with tradelines, why even get one then?


Why You Need to Buy Tradelines?


Perhaps you’ve got a close family member, or a close friend, who offers to put you onto their credit card for free. After all, that’s what tradelines are, credit card data (in the case of authorized user tradelines anyway). But here’s the problem. That card may have a missed payment on it; even one negates all the benefits of the tradeline. The friend or family member may rack up charges, and right when you are about to apply for or close on a loan, boom, you have a utilization in the high 90th percentile and your deal is sunk. If you’re getting a tradeline, you need to purchase a tradeline, as that way you have the guarantee of the business selling it to you. What happens if your friend’s tradeline goes bad, does he have other, better lines waiting in the wings? Unlikely. A business will always have inventory they can utilize to make things right if something goes wrong. There are many, many businesses that offer many a seasoned authorized user tradeline.


And What Does That Mean, Seasoned?


Most of the time the word “seasoned” means aged 2 years at least. How old you need to go with the tradelines will depend on what’s on your report and what you are trying to do. And is there a difference between seasoned tradelines vs authorized user? No, they are the same thing.


How to Purchase Tradelines


Always look for a company that has google reviews online. A business lives and dies by its reputation. If there are google reviews, you know that business is legitimate. No scammer will survive the wrath of angry customers who can review a business on google. If you’re looking into how to get trade lines, all of the businesses that offer them will be happy to explain the situation. Many times we have customers that come to us and they are simply not ready to put a tradeline on. They need credit repair, they need to pay down balances, etc. We turn down thousands upon thousands of dollars in sales per day because of this, and this is how you know you’ve found a company that’s trying to do right by the customer. Lastly, how do you know a tradeline is right for you?


How to Send Trade Lines to Equifax


This is an example of the type of thing that may get us to inform the customer that they may not want to purchase. Anyone who comes to us and says they absolutely need to get a line on a particular bureau will hear two things from us: you’re either going to want to buy two tradelines, or not buy at all. We don’t say that to get more money out of you. We say it because we guarantee posting on 2 out of 3 bureaus. Most of the time it’s 3/3, but we guarantee the 2, any of the 2. Having flexibility when you purchase is going to pay dividends down the line when you are trying to get lending. If it’s one bureau you absolutely need, get two, none, or be okay with the fact you’re rolling the dice a bit.