01 Oct 2019

Buying Tradelines: Attaining Excellent Credit & Its Standards


When was the last time you told anyone your credit score? Go ahead, think about it…
…have you thought about it?
If you thought about it, I bet it wasn’t too recent, unless you were bragging to your friends over a drink still tradeline and that somehow strangely came up. Or you are in the dating game, and you are smart, and you asked what your date’s score was.

Hold that question till around dessert if the date is going that well.
Hopefully it stays going well.

Credit just isn’t something we share too often. If it’s low you are probably not feeling amazing about it, which leads to shame, or if it is amazing and you shout it from the rooftops, you’re a braggart, and a bit strange.

Before we get into how amazing a paid tradeline is for your credit, what does that even look like?

The average credit score across the country is 695.
This is interesting, because with a 695, you should have no trouble getting approvals. You won’t get the best rates, but you will get approvals.

And we have scores and scores of people calling us asking about credit tradelines just trying… scrambling…clawing…to get the minimum of 620 so they can buy a house.
Hold on, am I saying you can purchase a mortgage where you couldn’t before by buying authorized user tradelines?
Yes I am.

Back to excellent credit. The state with the best average is Minnesota, with 709.
Not bad.

But what do you think is excellent? 800, right? With an 800 or above, you are in the top 20% of the nation. But who cares about the averages? It’s your credit that matters. But…you’re wondering, if you add seasoned tradelines to your report, will you get to an 800? Maybe. We’ve seen it, but we can’t guarantee it.
Here’s the good news:

At 760 and up, you won’t get any better rates with a higher score. If you get there, you’re getting the best everything as far as credit goes.

So, the question…

Can You Get a 760 By Grabbing Some Personal Tradelines For Sale?

Maybe. It depends on your situation. This is getting irritating. Sorry. The truth is that every situation, every person, is entirely different. What excellence looks like is completely dependent on you.

Does excellence look like getting a really amazing car? Does it look like having a 40k credit card? Does it look like finally being able to purchase that property you’ve been saving for but juuuuust can’t quite get to the finish line because of your credit?

Are we close? Maybe it’s not anything like this. What excellent looks like to you is…well, that’s you. You define it.
By ordering up some tradelines for sale, we know this, you will be a lot closer, and you will be there faster.
We’re talking months here, maybe even over the year (or more) mark.

We wrote an article recently about whether you needed to spend a lot of money, but just in case you’re thinking, “you tricksters aren’t getting me to spend more time reading a different article entirely”…

Does a Cheap Tradeline Still Work?

Maybe. It depends on your situation. Okay, you’re mad now but listen up, we’re about to save you some anxiety.

Cleaning off the negative marks is the best thing you can do before you add a tradeline.

What are negative marks?

Collections, chargeoffs, bankruptcies. Even inquires (they are not strictly negatives, but they affect your credit. Too many can dive your scores faster than a nuclear submarine).
All of these items can be deleted if you get with the right professional (or know what you’re doing.)

Do we do that?
We do not.
But, we can point you in the direction of someone very good, not expensive, who delivers fast results.

If you do remove the negatives, and in some cases that means the reports are just blank afterward, then you are looking at great results regardless of the tradeline you add.

You may not hit that amazing elite mark of 760, but adding any trade line credit will have outstanding results.

And, as usual, we are always willing to look at your reports to give you the best credit advice around.