04 Nov 2019

Is There a Best Seasoned Tradeline Company? 


In the world of absolutes, there can be no right answer, as “best” and “most” are entirely subjective. What would it mean to be the best at anything? Isn’t someone or some company that you enlist the services of that delivers a product that exceeds your expectations and allows you to do what you want…a great company, maybe the best? Hard to say. 

If you’re wondering where to buy tradelines, you probably start with Google, or Bing, or Yahoo, whatever search engine fits your fancy. At Boost Credit 101, we’ve been in business nearly 7 years, and we’ve seen the amount of companies offering seasoned tradelines for sale increase from something like 5, to well over 20. So are there ways to find the best one?


Like a lot of businesses offering a product, some of it will come down to personal preference, and we’ll be the first to acknowledge there is something about the way it feels when interacting with the company, but there are certain non-negotiables you should focus on when searching out tradelines for sale


Ways to Recognize Top Tradeline Companies


We’d be the first to throw our hat in the ring of best all around. Are our prices better? Probably, almost certainly, but it’s our focus on customer service and explanation of our services that continuously garner the most positive feedback from our clients.

Buying trade lines can range from simple to frustrating to maddening. After all, how well do you understand credit? How well do you understand your own credit? It’s yours, so you should understand it, right? Well, don’t feel too bad if you don’t. We all have to take our butts to the doctor when

Best seasoned tradelines for sale company
Best seasoned tradelines for sale company

something goes wrong to get our body checked out. 

Sometimes we have to consult experts.

Any time you are looking to get some seasoned credit on your profile via tradelines, the company should start by offering to look at your credit profile for free. There is a bit of a warning here:


Be Careful With Your Data When Purchasing Aged Tradelines For Sale


A company you do business with should have the following (and make it clear up front).

  • A contract between them and you
  • They hold your money in an escrow account
  • They make clear, exactly, what they guarantee

Any company or person with real tradelines for sale–as in they won’t take your money and disappear–should have these three things at a minimum. Why?

A contract shows you they have actually spent the time to understand the world of credit repair and selling seasoned tradelines of credit. There are legalities involved, even though aged tradelines are not a regulated industry, which brings us to the second point.

Any company that takes your money in the capacity that they are fixing/improving your credit cannot collect the funds for their services until their services are complete. Recently, a best seasoned tradeline company was shut down for breaking the law regarding this.

Just to be clear. The company will take money for the tradelines, but they must be held in an escrow account, a special holding account, and then collect the funds from the account upon contract completion.

As for the third point, when you buy seasoned tradelines, there are certain things that should be guaranteed. 

In the case of Boost Credit 101, we guarantee the lines will post to at least two out of the three credit bureaus (which two we cannot say), that the utilization will be below 10%, the line will have perfect payment history, and it will stay on your reports for the duration you pay for. 

Beyond that we cannot guarantee anything.

 Do we have the best tradelines for sale? We would put your experience with us up against any other person or company you purchase, or have purchased from. We have been doing this for a good long while, so we have things fairly smoothed out. 

Sometimes there are issues, but the possibility they occur will always be explained to you. At no point should you be confused about what’s going on with your order. We do our best to take the mystery out of buying trade lines