12 Mar 2019

So I Get Tradelines? What Then?


You’re wondering…how to get tradelines on my credit. If you’re just browsing around the internet, looking for ways to make your credit better, then you have no doubt come in contact with companies that offer tradelines, as, after all, finding a reputable purveyor will inform you how to put trade lines on your credit, which usually means signing on the dotted line and paying a fee. You can, of course, approach a good friend or relative that has excellent credit and ask if you can be put on their accounts, but there are certain pitfulls with this. You are not in control, at all, of that account, so if that person misses a payment or overutilizes the card, then you can land in a world of hurt (read: bad credit). We see people on their spouses accounts regularly that are over 50%, which is causing low scores. So, in most cases, the best answer to how to get credit tradelines is: find a good company. In a land (here) where capitalism is king and companies live and die by reputation, you should really be choosing to work with companies that have a strong online presence, as if they fail to add tradelines to credit report and they don’t take care of you by refunding you or replacing the line, well then you have recourse. If someone takes your money and is just some guy on Craigslist, you don’t have much recourse. There will be many, many people who offer, for a low, seemingly amazing price, to add tradelines to your credit report, but there’s an old Hungarian saying, “You cannot catch God’s foot,” which basically translates to “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” But let’s say you’ve gotten a good tradeline from a good company and you have a good score, now what do you do?

How to get a credit line with au tradelines

At Boost Credit 101 we have a contractual obligation to all paying clients to post tradelines. Our guarantee covers that we will post to 2/3 bureaus (though most of the time it is 3/3), the utilization will be less than 10%, and they will stay on for the amount of cycles you pay for–a cycle is roughly a month. You ask us how to get tradelines attached to your credit and we deliver. Great, grand, wonderful, now what? Well, it depends on what you want to do. Most people have a goal to get some kind of lending. They want to live the american dream of building wealth by purchasing a mortgage and having the value of their property go up as their loan amount goes down, thus building equity and dropping the amount they owe at the same time. Some people want to get an auto loan, get that shiny car they want, or something practical (please go practical, debt is not your friend, but it’s your life and we are here to serve your needs, whatever they may be). Others want to get a personal loan, or even a business loan. The point is, we’ve all got dreams, but we’ve answered and fulfilled your question of how to add tradelines to credit report whatever the reason may be. And now we’ll tell you a little secret, your goal, if you don’t have them, should always be to get approved for at least two credit cards.

You already have credit cards? Great! Keep the utilization low and always, always pay them on time (at least the minimums–this is THE biggest secret to a great score we can give you). You’re asking how to get a tradeline of credit in your own name? Easy, get your score in a good position, and apply to a major lender. The banks are constantly in competition for your business if you have a great score. Keep that in mind on your credit journey. Some cards have amazing travel benefits. Some cards have amazing cash back programs. Some cards have big sign-up bonuses. All of these can be yours if you have that score well into the 700’s.