25 Mar 2019

Tips to Raise Your Credit Score


Rarely at Boost Credit 101 do we get someone calling us up asking about tips, general or specific, on how to raise their credit score. That’s something that you might call a friend and ask. Unfortunately this capitalistic society has trained us all that if someone is speaking to us, then they want something from us, and if you are the one calling it’s likely you’re wondering how much it costs and how much it can help your situation, whatever that situation may be. And if that situation is finding ways to help your credit score, we take the approach that if we can help you, even if our products won’t, we’ll dispense that information for free. Of course, we do ask that you remember us if our products would ever help you out, and tell everyone you know how awesome we are. But, that out of the way, we’ll tell you the quickest way to raise your credit score: remove the negatives, add positives.


Now, that sounds simple, but it never is.

And the real reason it’s not so simple is that people are fixated on ways to raise your credit score instantly. There is no instant way, because no matter what you do, the credit reports still have to update. You can take action that is instant, but there will be days, weeks, even months before you see real results. And that’s not an easy pill to swallow. But if you’re looking for the quickest way to boost credit score profiles across the board: get current on any accounts you are late on. Now if that is not applicable to you, skip ahead to the next section. If you’re looking to get better scores with a product, and you’re late, that’s like going to the doctor with gushing wounds looking for plastic surgery to make your nose prettier. A messy analogy, but I’m sure the gist is clear, stop the bleeding before trying to improve; that’s priority one. After that, here are a few simple pieces of advice.

Secrets to Raising Your Credit Score

If getting current on your accounts doesn’t apply, and your score is low, it’s likely because you have negative marks like collections, charge-offs, judgments, repo’s, or bankruptcies. If you have a low score because of a lack of data, you’re in the best position possible, and that’s next section. If you do have negatives, removing them is one of the best ways to raise your credit score. After all, if you have something pulling your down, a good thing to do is get rid of the things that are pulling you down. Pretty much everything is removable if you get with the right person or company, besides repo’s, those have to be settled, as they are collateral that the bank expects to be paid for. We can’t point you to the companies that are the best, but we’ve seen some great results, and not too many of them involved getting with a company that charges you a monthly fee. Their business model is to keep you on the hook for as long as possible. Repair doesn’t take that long. If you can find a good person or company to get that stuff clean off, it is one of the best ways to repair your credit score. And it will take some time, coming to grips with that fact is the best thing you can do for yourself. Sometimes there just aren’t that many shortcuts, but if you don’t have negatives, or you’ve gotten them cleaned, good news, there is something you can do that’s fast.

What is the Quickest Way to Improve Your Credit Score?

Adding positive data is the single best way to get your credit score into a better range. That can be in the form of tradelines, what we offer, but it can also be in the form of getting approved for your own tradelines and steadily paying them off monthly over time; this is the long way, but if you’re not trying to get a loan, this is what raises your credit score the most: consistent responsibility with using credit cards–and none of that talk about credit cards being evil. Just exhibit some self control and you’ll be fine. If you are in a rush, then purchasing tradeline data to go on your report is, by far, the quickest way to raise your credit score.