23 Jan 2020

What Am I Looking at When I Buy Tradelines?

We had a call recently with someone who wanted to sell tradelines, but had never before worked with them, so it was enlightening to us to have the conversation, where we explained in great detail, what it means to purchase au tradelines.

Most companies that are worthy of your business will have a website, and they will have a link where you can see the tradelines in their inventory.

Today, we would like to break down each category in turn for our authorized user tradelines. Our company is a common template, so you can apply what we write to pretty much all other tradelines for sale.

The first category you’ll see on the tradelines page, is…


Price is fairly simple. It’s the cost of the tradeline. The price is determined by how big (limit) the line is, how old, and how long it stays on your reports. Now what are you getting when you’re looking at our (or any) credit tradelines for sale? All that is next.


The amount of spots listed are how many AU spots for sale that particular line has available. If there are two spots, that means two different customers can buy a spot. You cannot buy multiple spots on a tradeline for the same customer. The next category on our credit lines for sale…


Here you will see all the banks that we have on offer. Just to name a few, Bank of America, Chase, Discover, Barclays, and several others. It does not matter what lender you get posted on your reports, as long as they post.

Sometimes people want to apply for a card at a specific lender, let’s use Chase for example.

Does that mean they should get a Chase tradeline? It really does not matter. You will receive no special consideration by being an AU on a credit card at the lender you wish to apply to. Also, there is no particular lender that resides in a category marked ‘cheapest tradelines.’

Is any one lender better than the others? They do all have their little quirks. Ask us about this when we do a consultation with you. After lender…


This is where you see the size of the tradeline, how much limit gets reported on your bureaus. Does buying big limits mean a bigger jump? Maybe, it can certainly have that effect, but most of the time getting a giant limit is not necessary. When perusing authorized users for sale, your situation is unique, it may call for big limits, but most of the time not.


This is where you want to pay the most attention. On most credit sites, it says your average history is medium impact. If you don’t have highly utilized cards, one of the biggest categories for your credit, Utilization, will be fine with all of our cards, as they are under 10%.

So, if you can lengthen out your average history when you buy authorized user tradelines, that can have a significant impact on your credit score.

Pro Tip: the excellent mark to shoot for is 7 years average history. Is it necessary to have 7 years to have great credit? No, but if you get there, then that’s one category out of six you’ve taken care of.

Next up…


Everyone wants lines that post quickly. This category is relevant to that. The closer the current date is to the statement date, the sooner the line will post, which brings us to…


Here is when the line should show on your reports.

When searching for authorized user tradelines for sale, it is important to be aware of what you are buying. The posting date is when it should show, but at times a line may take a day or two longer. And some lines need some help.

We always guarantee lines posting on two out of three bureaus, but if, for whatever reason, that doesn’t happen with your tradeline order, we will replace it with a line that is equal (or better) that posts as soon as possible.

And that’s it, in conclusion…

When you are looking to boost credit across the board, tradelines are the way to get the fastest and most consistent results. We have successful postings in a vast majority of our tradelines. There may be certain lines that have a lower percentage of posting, but even then we are pretty good at getting them to show, though it may take a bit of extra work, and yes…that does mean even the cheap tradelines for sale.