08 Apr 2019

What are Good Tradelines?


Are all tradelines created equal? One of the questions we get asked all the time is how much will a credit score get boosted with a tradeline? It’s not an easy question to answer because everyone has a unique situation based on the way they’ve used (or not used) credit up to that point in their lives. So if you’re asking “what are the best AU tradelines piggybacking” or some variation of that, the answer is always going to be, whichever tradeline is the best for your situation. Do you need history, do you need limit, or do you need some combination of both? Let’s take a look at the question everyone is wondering.


How to Get My Credit Score Above 800 Using Tradelines


Everyone wants an 800 (or better) credit score. This is how you get an 800 credit score, you get multiple different types of credit, installment and revolving, and you pay them perfectly, for years. Have we seen credit scores crack the 800 mark with tradelines? Yes we have, but it’s rare, and it depends on where you check the score. If it’s Credit Karma, then those scores are usually inflated since Credit Karma uses the Vantage Score model and for whatever reason it usually shows scores higher than what they are. But here’s the good news, if you’re at a 760, you will get the possible rates, the best approvals, for everything. So, perhaps a better search would be: how to use seasoned tradelines to get 700 scores. That is more realistic, and we regularly see tradelines boost scores up to and past that level. If you’re in the 700 range you’re going to get approvals, everywhere. And if you go from not being able to even get approvals to getting approvals across the board, then clearly tradelines were worth the price. So how do you do it?


How Can I Add a Tradeline


“Tradeline” is just a term for anything that shows on your credit report. A mortgage, a car loan, a credit card, all of these are tradelines. Mostly people mean AU tradelines when they say “tradeline,” and the easiest way to get them on your report is to pay a reputable company to put the data on your report for you. If you google “how to buy tradelines to boost credit score” you will find all kinds of results, craigslist and companies that offer the service. You want to make sure you can trust the people you’re buying from, so verify that they have a company that allows you to leave reviews. A business lives by its reputation. You won’t find anyone scamming people if customers can leave reviews. And how fast can you get this done?


How Can I Get a Tradeline Fast


We know you want to do things as fast as humanly possible, but is that because you really need to get something done asap, or because you want to get something done asap? The question is important, as sometimes, despite the reality of the situation, people just don’t want to hear the truth. Adding tradelines can be done fairly quickly, sometimes as fast as 10 days to two weeks. But if you need to clean up negatives, that will take a bit longer. Sometimes even several months. There are sometimes tradelines that post in 7 days, but those instances are dependent on a few factors, like what kind of tradeline it is, and what part of the week you are buying it.
Another question we get asked is if you can pay later, as in tradelines that you pay after they post. We do not have any of those. Think about the types of situations where you pay for a product after you receive it, and really it’s not very many: fancy restaurants, certain construction or home fix projects, where there is a certain amount of built in trust, and those are usually face to face. Tradelines are not sold face to face, so we have to take payment up front. But they are what you need if you want to get high limits. So if you’re asking “how can I get high tradelines in my name?” The answer is to get tradelines on your report that show the types of limits you want. Does this guarantee you will get approved for large limit loans and credit cards? No, but the chances are greatly improved.