04 Oct 2019

What are the Benefits of Seasoned Tradelines in Your Real Actual Life?


There’s a story about a holy man in India. He is cornered on a cliff by a pack of tigers. He falls but catches a branch. Below him is a huge drop and sharp trees. Above him are the tigers. And right in front of him, he sees this perfect, red, ripe strawberry.

And that’s the end of the story. 

Does that bother you? It usually bothers people. That’s the point.  We want to know what happens next! 

But does it matter? Not really. And that is, ultimately, the real point. The only things that really matter are the things in your life that either help you, or hinder you. If you’re in the market to buy tradelines. There is definitely something hindering you. After all, you looked at your credit. That’s something you only do when you want or need something. So, we’re guessing, there’s something hindering you from being able to accomplish your lending goals. And you’ve heard about tradelines for sale, and you’re wondering, can that help me? 

…and you’re thinking…

Sure, But If I Buy Authorized User Trade Lines Will That Do Anything?

Here we have to go into hypotheticals. Let’s say you have some negatives on your report, some collections. Will you get a boost?

Yes, but not as much as if you remove the negative items before adding tradelines. 

Let’s say you get the negatives all removed, now will tradelines help you? 

Yes, if you don’t have a large amount of revolving debt already. 

If You Buy AU Tradelines, Will That Allow You to Get Approvals for Auto Loans, Mortgages, Business Loans, and the Like?

Yes, but that is where your story continues, because that part is up to you. 

We can’t tell you how to accomplish your lending needs because we are not the lender. 

The lenders working with you determine approvals, but, yes, we see these things done all the time.

But you need primaries, right? What’s the use of getting a paid tradeline if it isn’t primary? Our answer to that is two-fold. 

One: it’s not illegal to buy primary tradelines, but it is illegal to sell them. So, if you buy one, you are doing business with someone who is breaking the law. 

Two: Adding au tradelines allows you to get approved for your own, legal, primary tradeline. 

By getting approved for a credit card in your name, you are building the foundation of your own long-term credit. 

Note: Anyone who says you don’t need to use credit cards [cough, Dave Ramsey] is calling you a low-disciplined fool. Using credit cards responsibly is the best way to have amazing credit. 

Here’s the biggest point we can make.

Buying Authorized User Tradelines Should Be Used, Firstly, to Get You a Credit Card or Two

And, today for a bonus, we will give you an answer to one of the most asked questions we get daily.

Do We Have Credit Tradelines That Post to 3/3 Credit Bureaus?

Do you actually need 3/3 bureaus? It’s definitely nice. It’s nice to have all three bureaus, but if you want to buy a car, get a house, get a credit card, do you really need the line to post on all 3 bureaus?

No, you don’t. 

Here’s why:

Wherever you are in the states, there are lending institutions around you, and nationally that will work with you, that pull only one bureau, and the different lenders pull different bureaus. You will always be able to find a lender that can pull one of the two bureaus with the posted trade line credit.

What about if you want to buy a house? They pull all three bureaus, so you need to have a line, or lines, on all three, right? 

No. Mortgage lenders factor your credit like this: 

They ignore the highest score. They ignore the lowest score. They take the middle score. So if you have a line that posts two out of three, then two of those bureaus are going to be your highest, and your mid score. 

Those are the only ones that matter. 

When perusing personal tradelines for sale, we know it’s tempting to try and figure out which tradelines will post to three out of three. But we can’t predict it. 

We have an idea if you call and ask. We will always select the line that fits your needs best. 

If you’re the holy man hanging on the cliff, you don’t care much about credit, but if you are here, trying to get something done with your life so your story can take an upward turn, but you can’t because of your credit, we implore you, give us a call.