18 Oct 2021

What Are the Credit Limits Of Authorized User Tradelines?

If you are looking to buy authorized user tradelines, it is important to know that there are many questions you need to be asking yourself. Of course, one of the most important questions that you should be asking is when trying to gain a better understanding of tradelines is:

What Are the Credit Limits Of Authorized User Tradelines?

In this article, we are going to go over that very question. Continue reading to learn more.


Buying Tradelines From Reputable Dealers

When you purchase a tradeline from a reputable dealer, then you should expect that the tradelines are coming in from reputable banks. These tradelines should also have payment histories that are close to perfect or perfect. Lastly, they should also have low utilization ratios.

Because all of these factors are going to be nearly the same for every card, you only need to consider two major things when buying authorized user tradelines. These two things are age and credit limit.

What Are the Credit Limits Of Authorized User Tradelines
What Are the Credit Limits Of Authorized User Tradelines

When it comes to the credit limit, know that it is one of the most important deciding factors of the tradeline buying process. The reason it is so important is that the credit limit can have a major impact on your overall utilization ratio.

While it is important to note that individual cards that have high utilization ratios might still negatively impact your credit report, making sure that your overall credit utilization ratio is as low as you can possibly get it is still a very beneficial move.

Credit limits can be a very important factor depending on your financial goals as well. For example, if you are attempting to establish a history of high-limit accounts to put on your credit file, then credit limit may be one of the most important deciding factors.

One thing you always should consider, however, is the age of your tradeline.


The Importance of Age

As we always say, one of the most valuable elements of a tradeline is age. In many cases, the tradeline age is far more valuable than the credit limit, as a seasoned tradeline contributes to both the length of your credit history, as well as the perfect payment record.

Both of these categories combined make up half of your credit score, outweighing many of the other credit score elements. In this case, it is very important that you try and buy the oldest tradelines that you can with your budget.


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