20 Mar 2019

What is the Best Way to Raise Your Credit Score?


Okay, the year is well on it’s way at this point, and your New Year’s resolution of getting your credit and finances figured out has gone on the backburner. Like most things in life, credit, and finances probably don’t really get figured out unless they absolutely have to. So if you’re thinking “my credit score could be better,” but haven’t taken any tangible steps, this post is for you. But if you find yourself in a place where you need to improve your credit, let’s back up for a moment.

Credit Score Help

This will be a bit philosophical, but stick with us.

We all have a center, that still space inside of us that inherently knows what we should and should not to. Call it intuition if you’d like. There are many names. The best way to avoid having to ask “please someone help fix my credit score!” is to not have it need fixing in the first place. We live in a capitalistic society where we have companies and people constantly, constantly, trying to push us off our center, to trigger us into believing we need to have something that we absolutely do not. Think you’re immune? These companies pay millions of dollars for focus groups and psychology experts to hit you with messages that fly under your radar and become part of your decision without you even realizing it. Eckhart Tolle recommends muting all advertisements on television, as when we watch tv we are in a suggestive state–hence, SuperBowl ads that cost $5.2 million dollars for a 30 second spot. Want our best tips to improve credit score? Don’t get moved off your center. Don’t need to fix it. If you think…I really need that. Do you? Perhaps this is standard stuff, but it leads to rampant problems. Trust us. But, you’re probably here because you want tangible solutions, and while we don’t remove negative data, we can certainly help with adding positive data.


Piggybacking Tradelines

At Boost Credit 101, this is our main business. By utilizing authorized users on credit cards we are able to offer a product that can give incredible results. Though we will always take a look at anyone’s report and give them our best advice, for actual products offered, tradeline renting is what we do. This means that we sell data for a limited time that belongs to someone else so you can experience a credit boost to accomplish a lending goal. We only offer personal tradelines, no business tradelines or tradelines that go on anything else but a Social Security number given to you by the SS Administration. Perhaps you’ve heard of another way. The CPN. The way of the scn number with tradelines. Don’t fall victim to this. This is the counterfeit path. The SCN/CPN is not real. It’s fool’s gold, no matter how authentic it seems. As for other types of tradelines, there are auto tradelines, where someone or a company puts on a car loan to your report that you aren’t actually paying for so you can get a boost. This is called a primary tradeline. There are also mortgage tradelines that fall under this category. It is fraud to put something on your credit in your name that you aren’t paying for. The principle of caveat emptor very much applies here. You might even find someone that will offer you pay after post tradelines, but again, buyer beware. Most products given before payment require a certain amount of trust. And we are betting you are finding tradelines on the internet, a place you should be doubly sure to be confident in who you are doing business with. If you get a line put on, primary, or authorized user, and you decide to do business with the wrong people, then you could end up with a missed payment (thus totally negating the benefit), and then you have to look into trade line deletion, which can get a bit complicated depending on the type of line. But when it comes right down to it, there’s no doubt, tradelines are a best way to raise credit score profiles.