26 Feb 2019

What is the Typical Cost to Purchase a Tradeline?


This is the question we get asked the most at Boost Credit 101. How much does it cost? We will tell you, but like a lot of things that have ranges, there isn’t pinpoint answer we can give on this without knowing someone’s specific needs and situation. In a lot of ways, credit is something that makes your life go, and if buying a car, it is exactly the thing that makes your life go from one place to another.

Let’s stay on that car reference.

When your car breaks down, and you’re stranded on the side of the road and you need assistance, is the first thing you ask when you call your insurance company how much it costs to get you out of there? You’re on the highway with traffic going sixty miles an hour not five feet from you. No, you don’t ask how much, because you need the service. The value of the service outweighs any cost consideration. Are we saying that tradelines should be bought no matter the cost? No, that’s a way to get taken to the cleaners, so to speak. You always want to be doing business with people who tell you what you can expect, and for what price. But cost with tradelines should be a secondary factor in considering a purchase.

Do you need tradelines?

Are you able to accomplish what you want without purchasing tradelines? No? Then you probably need them. Either that or get comfortable waiting, as traditional methods of building credit–the way the banks tell you to do it–will take 12 months to two years, if not longer. If you’re looking to get one tradeline, we would put the price anywhere from $250 – $1,500. If looking for two, the prices can be between $500 to over $2,500. Ask us for a free consultation at any time and we can tell you about what it would cost to purchase tradelines.

What are the Cons to Purchasing a Tradeline?

This question can be looked at as a bit of an onion. Let’s peel back the layers from worst to not so bad.

If you just go about willy nilly and purchase a tradeline or tradelines from whoever on the internet, you might get lucky, but you might also get defrauded and lose your money without anything to show for it. This is a real risk when doing business with someone who gives you something cheap, something that sounds too good to be true.

Let’s say you’ve done your homework and given your money to a reputable tradeline company, and they post the tradeline. In fact at this point let’s assume you’re doing business with someone who is going to take care of you. What is the worst thing that can happen with posting a tradeline? Really, the only answer is, it doesn’t give you the boost you were looking for–this assumes that the tradeline has perfect payment history and under a 10% utilization, and if this is the case, a tradeline can never hurt your credit. Check out our tradelines for sale here.

You don’t get the boost you wanted, this is the only con when doing business with a good company, but hopefully you have prepared your reports to maximize the effect of the tradelines and this does not happen. A good company will be able to look at your reports and set the proper expectations, and they will have suggestions if you don’t get your desired boost. Tradelines are not miracles, but they are best, and the fastest, way to help boost your credit.