24 Jan 2020

What Should You Expect When Looking Into Credit Tradelines For Sale?

The magic word in that question is “expect.” When it comes to getting your credit into better shape, what expectations do you have?

For a lot of folks, it’s hard to say, because credit is a nebulous, nasty business run by shady corporations who take our data without our consent and basically create a financial report card for lending institutions to pay for.

The banks pay through…the…nose to the three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Experian alone reported revenue in 2018 of 4.6 billion dollars.



Not to be cliche, but that’s billion, with a “b.” When was the last time you paid Experian anything? Sure, they have some websites where you pay for memberships to monitor your reports (around $30/month), but make no mistake, the banks are paying the vaaaaast majority of that revenue.

What does this have to do with authorized user tradelines for sale?

Well, glad you asked. We say all this stuff about banks and credit bureaus not to depress you, or scare you, it’s to show that these giant corporations are the damn dragon guarding the entrance to the cave that holds the treasure you seek.

What is that treasure, cheap tradelines?
We hope not. We hope you have big dreams that you want to accomplish, and that’s why you’re here, not because you’re looking for the lowest price.
Getting back on track, we know that your “treasure” is completely unique to you. Maybe it’s purchasing a house, getting a car, getting a loan to start a business, or any other specific thing you have your eyes on. But the problem is, your scores, you must boost credit across all three bureaus (or at least two)…

…when you want to slay a dragon, you need the right weapon.
The first and best weapon will always be…your attitude of course, but after that if you want something tangible, you need a sword, a spear, or a rocket launcher (if it’s a big dragon). If you purchase credit tradelines for sale, they are your weapons.

But they are only that, weapons, tools, for you to accomplish your goal. Maybe after you beat the dragon at the mouth of the cave, before you can collect the gold at the back, you must navigate a giant lake full of electric eels that really, really want to take your money.

Pro Tip: If you’re getting your first credit card, the temptation to buy whatever you want is great. Don’t fall into this trap.

Keep this in mind above everything else, when you buy tradelines online, that is only the first step. They will get you good (perhaps great) scores if used properly, but getting great scores is only the first step.

So perhaps you’re wondering, after you’ve gotten credit lines for sale, what the next step is.

If you do not have credit cards in your name, that should be priority one.
After that, enact your plan, go for the mortgage, go for the car, the loan, but getting approved for a credit card is the biggest step you can take toward great long-term credit.

We’ll answer one big question we always get: “What happens if I get declined?”

Sometimes this happens. There are a lot of factors that go into credit. Some of them are unknown to us. Your income is a factor unknown to us. The lender’s approval requirements, also unknown to us.

When you buy authorized user spots for your credit, they can make your credit look shiny and beautiful, but there may be some trial and error involved when it comes to getting your approvals.

If you don’t get the approval, does that mean you’ve wasted your money? No, it just means you might have a little work to do.

And…did you go for the cheapest tradelines and not get the history you knew you really needed?

You don’t need to break the bank when it comes to tradelines, but you should certainly be looking to spend what you need to give you the best chance of success.

A good budget for tradelines is anywhere from $600-$900 (for one good one) all the way to $1,500 (and up, if you want two good ones).

And no, we do not have tradelines under $100, that’s what the cardholders get paid to add you. It can be quite lucrative, and hopefully someday we’re talking to you about paying for your spots because you’ve done so well with your credit.