01 Apr 2019

Why are Tradelines Expensive?


So you’ve looked at your reports, you need a boost, you’ve heard about these things called tradelines that can boost your score quickly, and you are looking for tradelines posting soon, because why wait for something if you don’t have to? But you look on the internet and you see some tradelines, on craigslist or with a professional company like ours, and you see the price and you go…”What?! Good lord that’s a lotta money!” And you wonder, “Can’t I just go down to the trade line store and buy me a bargain line?”

Unfortunately not.



Guaranteed Tradelines are Not Very Common


We hear the same story over, and over, and over again. Someone paid someone else to put a tradeline on, it didn’t go on, and then that person disappeared. People rip people off all the time in this little niche market. It’s sad but true, so when you are dealing with a legitimate company that has actual guarantees, those guarantees cost money to put in place. Why? Lawyers. Guarantees don’t mean anything without contracts, and contracts get written by lawyers. There are inexpensive tradelines that work, but then that depends on your situation. If you have

Making the big bucks selling tradelines
Making the big bucks selling tradelines

a blank file, then the cheapest possible tradeline will do wonders for you. But more often than not if you are looking for the best tradeline for sale for your situation, it’s not going to be the cheapest. Though, there is a caveat to this. If you can get connected with someone who can properly clean the negatives off of your credit, you will benefit from cheap seasoned tradelines.


Large Tradelines Require Effort


The day of getting a giant limit approved right away are over. After 2008 the banks learned a bit of a lesson, and all institutions became more conservative. Think about it this way, when you open a tradeline, do you have to prove income when applying for a credit card the same way you do a mortgage loan? No, credit cards are stated-income loans, you just put in a number for income without having to provide any documentation. The application will say that the bank may ask about it, but they rarely if ever do–though if they do and you can’t prove it, you’ll lose that card, and perhaps your whole relationship with the institution if it goes beyond the card.

Large limits take work.

Someone who has a lot of money in the bank and makes a lot will get a decent limit, but even then they may only get 10k to start. It takes years of increases to build up to large limits.

Next is the history:

If you’re looking to purchase seasoned tradelines, it’s the “seasoned” part that costs money, because it takes time for that card to age, and nothing can speed up that process. That’s why when you put a twenty year old line on your report and get a massive jump, you are being rewarded for that cardholder’s diligent perfect payment history over a twenty year period. It is the high seasoned tradelines for sale that fetch the larger prices, because they aren’t take real effort to build.


Buying Tradelines Means Piggybacking on Credit


No one does anything for free these days, not when there’s a cash value to be made. The only piggybacking you’ll get for free credit wise is on family members’ or a (close) friend’s credit. So when you buy a tradeline, you are buying something that has a set cost in that the cardholder who adds you gets paid. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t find good package deals for trade lines, but even then you will still be paying two (or more) cardholders to add you to their cards. This is something you don’t need to get hung up on, as it’s just the price of getting what you’re after, because the truth is that tradelines give you the one thing that when it’s gone, it’s gone: time. Money comes and goes, but time does not. A tradeline can take six months, a year, or more, off the time it takes to accomplish your goals, and that is the number one reason why they cost what they do.