Boost Your Credit Score Today With The Best Tradelines

Customize your package by choosing from the following list of new and seasoned tradelines to boost your credit score.

2 Tradelines, limits $5,000-$10,000

1 – 5 years old

Only $999.00

2 Tradelines, Limits $20,000 -$30,000 each

5-20 years old

Only $1,999.00

Boost Triple
3 Tradelines, Average $20,000 to $50,000

5-30 years old

Only $2,999.00

2 Tradeline, limits $8,000 – $15,000

2 – 10 years old

Only $1,299.00

2 Tradelines, limits $15,000 – $25,000

2 – 15 years old

Only $1,799.00

Jump Start
1 Tradeline, limits $2,000 – $15,000

6 months – 3 years old

Only $399.00

How Not to Get Scammed

The phrase a fool and his/her money is soon pardoned definitely applies to tradelines. Now, we aren’t saying you’re a fool if you get scammed, as there’s a lot of folks out there who sound like they know what they’re talking about, that promise the moon, take your money, and you either get nothing, or something not even close to what they said would happen. Maybe the company or person offering lines has a price that completely undercuts everyone else you’ve looked into, or maybe they offer the tradeline(s) for a very long period of time, a year even.

When it comes to anything money related, or life in general–if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but with any tradeline company, there are some basic minimums you should expect are met.

  • 1. Do they have a contract?
  • 2. Do they have a website/online reviews?
  • 3. Do they have a customer verification process?
  • 4. Do they make it very clear what, exactly, it is they guarantee?

Any company that takes your money without having you sign a contract is obviously not a serious business. There are legalities, even in this wild west of finance, that need to be navigated. No contract means they are amateurs, and amateurs have a tendency to disappear and take your money, which leads to the second point. Do they have a website? Can you leave reviews? Anyone who will take your money and not be afraid of a bad internet review is not a legitimate company. It may not seem like much, but negative reviews will sink a company quickly, as it becomes clear they are not there to help customers, but only enrich themselves.

Do they verify your identity? Any company that sells tradelines that does not verify your identity means they are in business with people who are scammers themselves. Financial fraud is rampant in all parts of the financial industry, and any business or person who doesn’t verify you is, by definition, potentially in business with some shady folks.

Does the person(s) selling tradelines let you know exactly what you’re purchasing? Saying you’ll get a certain amount of points on your report by adding lines, or achieve a certain score, should raise red flags, because nobody but the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) knows how this data truly affects scores, and their algorithms are not public. Tradelines can give outstanding results, but they very similar to investing in the stock market, and what’s the one big thing all advisors say?…Past results are no guarantee of future returns. With tradelines you’re purchasing a chance to achieve your financial goals, but you should have a very, very clear idea of what it is you are getting. How long do the lines stay on, what kind of utilization do the lines have, what is the cost, how many bureaus are guaranteed, etc.

If even one of these four items is not covered by the seller of the tradelines, you may be risking paying money for things you don’t receive at all.

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Tradelines For Sale With the Best Price

If you’re perusing the net in search of tradelines for sale, how do you find the best price? There’s good news and bad news here. There are tradelines that people sell very cheaply, the bad news is that they are probably scammers, or don’t know what they’re doing and you won’t get lines posted. Any legitimate company with tradelines for sale will be able to post them correctly, the bad news, they are more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

The truth is that when you are looking at buying tradelines, more often than not you will need to spend some money. This is because legitimate companies have customer service reps, developers, cardholders, and this means that their products will be more expensive, but buying from them is how you know you are getting authentic seasoned tradelines.

There are whole markets designed around the mimicry of high-quality, expensive products: Louis Vuitton, Oakleys, Prada, etc, where you’re paying pennies for a forgery, which usually means you’re buying junk. If you want to buy tradelines, like anything, you should shop around, but always remember the axiom, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

How to Buy the Best Tradelines to Improve Your Credit Score

How much do tradelines cost? This is always the number one question we get asked, followed quickly by “how much will this boost my credit?” After all, these are the most important questions. But they never have simple answers. Tradelines are not cheap. Let’s start there.

There are cheap(er) tradelines and in certain cases these may be alright, and even give outstanding results, but if you’re looking to buy tradelines it’s usually best to nail down what exactly it is that you are purchasing. We say in other places on our site that tradelines are not a wand that magically fixes credit, and anyone that has credit tradelines for sale that is legitimate will usually charge a price that at first may cause you to raise an eyebrow and mutter unclean words under your breath, but think of it this way, if tradelines give you a boost that lifts you up a full credit grade, thus getting you into that lower rate tier, (especially relevant for mortgages), they could save you tens of thousands over your payment schedule. Credit trade lines, at a good company, will likely run you between $300 up to and over $2,000 depending on your needs.

Boost Your Credit Score Today With The Best Tradeline Packages

One of the questions we always get asked, “How many do I need?” How many tradelines for credit boost does it take to get you where you need to be?

The answer to this question is varied, always dependent on everyone’s unique situation. Calling us up and asking how many you need, what can lines do for you, and how much of a jump will they provide, is akin to calling the doctor and asking for a diagnosis over the phone. The actual process is more involved than a simple conversation, as there are many factors, and most times factors that you haven’t even considered, or are aware of.

Will cheap tradelines do the trick? Will you be able to spend a few hundred dollars and get the boost you want? Possibly. These situations are usually with people who have blank files from being completely wiped clean or having never used credit. In situations like this, perhaps one line will work just fine. After all, taking a single line, no matter the age or limit, will likely produce scores in the 700’s. For everyone else, it’s usually best to explore tradeline packages, where two or more are applied.

But how do you know you’re getting the best possible packages for the price and the effect they have on your score? This is why we offer free consultations for anyone who wishes to speak with us about their credit. We will speak to you, and in the initial conversation get a feel for what you need, and then we will look at your reports, where we can give you a far more accurate estimate of what it takes to get you to scores in approvable ranges for what you want. When purchasing tradelines for credit, your situation is as unique as you are, as your credit scores are the ever-changing record of how responsible you are with money.

How to Buy Tradelines Safe and Not Get Scammed

Have you seen cheap tradelines for sale on sites such as craigslist, or maybe you hear about some person or “company” that has extremely cheap lines for sale, and maybe you even go ahead and give them some of your hard-earned money to post lines and boost your score, but they don’t post, and then you can’t get ahold of anyone via email or phone. If this has happened to you, you are likely the victim of a tradeline scam. Unfortunately these scams aren’t uncommon.

There is no regulatory agency on the lookout for consumers in the tradeline industry, so you have to be careful, do your due diligence, and perhaps even have a checklist for a company before you commit funds. That checklist should include things like verifying they are listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they provide contracts, they have online reviews, and hold your funds in escrow while they complete their contractual obligation. These should be on anyone’s to-do of “How to Buy Tradelines.” There are many people who are quite good at appearing legitimate, but the easiest ways to spot these scammers is by the aforementioned things, and if they have a website. You do not want to be purchasing from someone who just sends you the lines via email and has no web presence you can verify. If you’re looking to buy seasoned tradelines, it may cost a bit more, but you will get what you pay for.

Request a Free Tradeline Consultation

At Boost Credit 101, we understand that credit isn’t exactly something that’s easy to understand. Credit isn’t exactly sexy, and more often than not looking at credit scores is more stressful than sitting in a dentist’s chair without Novocain, but if you’re looking to buy credit tradelines, you will want to get a basic understanding of how they work, and perhaps even how credit works in general.

Everybody’s credit is as unique as they are. It is your financial DNA after all. We are always willing to discuss anything credit related with you, which is why we offer free consultations to look at your credit to give you the best possible route for lending success. We have conversations every day with people we turn away because our products are not right for them. We are not about the bottom line, not about only profit. We understand that we are talking to actual people, with real dreams, and real problems. That said, you will want to listen to us when we tell you that there are certain things only time can fix, like late payments. There is always the temptation to get a shortcut, which tradelines are, but the impulse to take even more drastic shortcuts, like purchasing a CPN (a manufactured SS profile), is certainly there, and never advisable.

Why Should you Buy Tradelines from Us?

At Boost Credit 101, we’ll stack up our inventory with any competitor out there. We have legit tradelines with a proven track record of posting, and we are always endeavoring to discover the trends in posting, as they do change over time. As an example, when we started, Discover was considered a tier 3 tradeline because they didn’t take a social security number when adding an AU, but now they do, and they are one of the best. They post faster than most other tradelines and consistently to 3/3 bureaus. We also have guarantees in place that help with customer comfort, as well as spending as much time as necessary to explain how things work and what can be expected.

We operate in the interest of full transparency, and will not sell you tradelines if we don’t think you will see a tangible benefit. If you are looking to purchase seasoned tradelines, you’re entering the proverbial lion’s den, and the more knowledge you have, the better prepared you are to achieve your long, or short, term lending goals. We will always do what’s right for our customers, and we make ourselves available via phone and email more than any of our competitors. We hear stories consistently of people paying for lines where they suddenly stop hearing from the tradeline provider, are unable to get things posted properly, and have no recourse to recover funds from a product not delivered. We don’t consider our job complete until our guarantees are fulfilled, and we always hold all money given to us in an escrow account until the lines post successfully.